On My Daughter’s Sixteenth Birthday

On My Daughter’s Sixteenth Birthday

I meant to publish this poem on the occasion of my daughter’s sixteenth birthday which fell eleven days back on 15th January. I was so busy with other things that I could not post it earlier. So daughter dear, do please forgive me. Here is the poem for you.

Dated: 15/01/2023

Years ago when you came into our lives,
Oh my lovely, pretty, and darling daughter
You brought to us the sweet fragrance of parenthood,
And filled our hearts with joy ever after.

When I look back at the succession of years,
What comes to my mind so very clearly,
Is your uproarious laughter that filled our ears,
As you played prank after prank on your clueless daddy.

Today you have reached the pinnacle of youth.
You are at that point of time in your teens,
When dreams flow unabated like a river in full spate,
You have reached that queen of teenage, the sweet sixteen.

Wish you a very happy sixteenth birthday, my darling daughter.
Thanks for shining like a bright light throughout these years,
Spreading warmth in our lives like a ray of Sunshine,
And cleansing our souls like a halo divine.

In another year you will finish your schooling,
And it will soon be time to choose a career.
You have remained steadfast that you want to fly planes,
You want to be a pilot, so a pilot you shall be.

It will then be time for a knight in shining armour,
With plenty of love and an equal measure of honour,
To scoop you up in his arms with affection and warmth.
And bind you to him with a knot of love and splendour.

Today your mom and I are so very happy,
We want every one of your dreams to come true,
We are certain you will reach the heights of success,
And your life will always be a song that is melodious.

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