Till now I have penned one full-length novel and three eBooks. The novel belongs to the action, adventure cum thriller genre. It is titled The Himadripuram Adventure and is available for purchase at Amazon India. Two of the eBooks belong to the thriller fiction genre and the third belongs to the non-fiction (sports) genre. The eBooks are titled A TO Z OF MEN AND WOMEN WHO EXCELLED IN SPORTS, Eighty Hours To Save Karen’and The Krishnapur Kidnappings.

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The Himadripuram Adventure

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Book Blurb

The peninsular kingdom of Himadripuram is flourishing under the rule of the just and able king Devdutt Narayan. The people are happy and content and everything is just fine. But one summer, somewhere deep inside the corridors of power, a conspiracy to overthrow the king is taking shape slowly. A conspiracy that might tear the kingdom apart and render it helpless and hapless.

Jagan Mohan is the chief of the Himadripuram Khoofiya Vibhagh (HKV). During the weekly meetings of the HKV, Jagan can sense an undercurrent of discontent among the members. His gut instinct tells him something is wrong, and he wonders if one or many members have turned rogue.

One of the members of the HKV who tries to warn Jagan is found stabbed to death. Within a few days, another member is killed. Jagan with the help of his able pupil and royal guard Vishnu Sarma must unravel the conspiracy before it bursts like a volcanic eruption.

Is Jagan able to successfully stop the kingdom of Himadripuram from disintegrating? Is he able to prevent it from succumbing to anarchy? Only time can tell. He must tread very carefully as the conspirators are ruthless and will stop at nothing…

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The book brings you the stories of sports-persons from a number of sports from all around the world. The book includes stories of a judicious mixture of sporting greats from the past as well as the present. You will read about the life stories of maestros in Tennis, Cricket, Football, Boxing, Gymnastics and much more! You will find included tales of sporting greats from the past like Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert of Tennis fame to modern day Football luminaries like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Events from the past which shook up the sporting world like the Body Line Ashes cricket series played between England and Australia in 1932 are also included. You will read about chess grand-masters like Viswanathan Anand and the controversial Bobby Fischer. You will also find some unexpected sports persons like Robin Uthappa and Yuzvendra Chahal also included in the list. Some articles try to do a comparative study of the skills of contemporary sports personalities. I am sure this book will prove to be a bonanza for sports lovers.

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The Krishnapur Kidnappings

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Jane Sridhar, a 7th-grade student of Korbin International School is kidnapped. There is no demand for ransom. An attempt is made to throw suspicion on the child’s father. But the brilliant inspector Ranjan Raghav suspects this is not a run of the mill kidnapping case. Some very deep and sinister motive lies behind the crime. 

Soon another girl Beena Naik is abducted when she is on her way back home after a visit to a friend’s place. There is no demand for ransom this time either. What is the motive behind the kidnappings? Is there a pattern to it? Is it in some way related to the occult? 

Join inspector Ranjan Raghav and his able deputy Mathur as they slowly unravel a web of horror, deceit and mania…

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Eighty Hours To Save Karen

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Karen Lakshmi, the only grandchild of Air Commodore Mathew Williams is struck by a strange illness. Is she the victim of a supernatural phenomenon? Or is her affliction something entirely natural? Mathew undertakes the journey to unravel the mystery and snatch his granddaughter from the jaws of death. 

Danger lurks at every step. He has to tread warily for one false move could spell disaster. Join Mat as he slowly unravels a web of deceit, treachery and obsessive mania in his quest for the chilling truth. Is Mat able to save his granddaughter? Is he able to come out of this journey alive? Only time can tell…

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