A Mermaid Speaks Philosophy

A Mermaid Speaks Philosophy

I stood waist-deep in the waters,
Of the raging sea on a rainy day.
Ahead of me were massive waves.
I knew if I did not turn back now,
The waves would swallow me whole.

I had just cremated my beloved soul mate,
Of more than forty years of my life.
I knew not how to live without her.
I did not know East from West,
Nor did I know South from North.

All I knew was that I had to put an end,
To my miserable and everlasting existence.
I took another step forward,
Right into a gigantic and raging wave,
That came rushing in to swallow me.

As my body rose with the wave,
Suddenly my soul mate’s loving face,
Appeared right in front of me.
It was surrounded by a halo,
That made her beautiful face look divine.

She said to me ‘Why are you doing this, my dear?
Did I not tell you, my love,
That I will always be with you.
Whether I live or die,
My love for you will always be alive.’

My eyes took her in fully as her voice echoed in my ears.
What I saw made me gasp in surprise.
For I saw that the woman who spoke to me was a mermaid.
She said smilingly, ‘Yes, I have come to you in a different body.
So that you can realize the universal truth.

The body may perish my dear,
But the soul lives on forever,
It does not have a form or shape.
It is universal and everlasting.
It lives on and on and never dies.’

So she said and disappeared into the sea.
I turned back and away from the waters,
With renewed vigour and energy.
Finally, I made it to the shore.
And flopped down on the wet sand.

I had learned a lesson and a profound truth,
Which removed the curtain of ignorance from my mind.
I had to fight on with life,
And never give up on it,
Till my lungs breathed air and my heart pumped blood.

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