Self-realization In Love

The poem presented below won the 9th spot out of 50 selected poems in the S7 poetry competition conducted recently and is slated to appear in a book of poems to be released soon.

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The relatives and friends had left, and I was alone.
Alone to grieve the loss of my beloved,
Alone to carry on with my empty life,
They had uttered soothing words,
With melancholic smiles writ large on their faces.

I stepped into my bedroom,
Staring at the floor with an empty heart.
Not wanting to live.
Wanting to find a way to end it all,
And be done away with my sorrow forever.

It was then that I saw the rope in a corner,
I felt it was the solution to all my sorrows,
I picked up the rope eagerly,
Made a noose and hung it from the ceiling fan,
I stood on a chair and put the noose around my neck.

Suddenly, I caught sight of the glorious view outside,
Through a window which was open.
I stopped in my act and made my way,
Past the front door, into the garden,
Smelling the lovely fragrance of the flowers.

Up in the sky the full Moon beckoned,
There were millions of stars twinkling everywhere,
They were strewn about as far as I could see,
Like designs made from whitened Diamonds,
My mind marvelled at this beautiful Macrocosm.

I realized how small and insignificant I was,
In this vast universe.
A very tiny, microscopic speck,
In the bigness of this magnificent creation,
That wrapped me in a massive hug.

I reflected on what a fool I had been,
I realized life was a loving gift bestowed on us.
The greatest of mother nature’s presents to us,
Which we are not ordained to destroy,
I turned back to my house with a clear mind.

6 thoughts on “Self-realization In Love”

  1. Have you read Camus’s essay ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’? It looks at the question of suicide from a different and very intellectual perspective.

    I liked the realisation of our own littleness in your lines.
    I realized how small and insignificant I was,
    In this vast universe.

    1. Thanks for visiting Tom. No, I haven’t read the book. I would like to read it though. Suicidal tendencies I always thought were a byproduct of an emotional nature. I would certainly like to read an intellectual analysis of it on a more logical plane.

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