I have been sick,
with several illnesses.
But I have always recovered from them,
because they were curable.

When I was eight,
I got afflicted with Malaria.
But after several doses of Quinine,
I was back on my feet again.

When I was twelve,
I got afflicted with Typhoid.
But after a month in the hospital,
I was my old and cheerful self again.

When I was fourteen,
I fractured my leg while climbing a tree.
But they put the broken bits together,
and I began climbing trees again.

But now at sixteen,
ever since I have met you, my love,
I am yet again,
afflicted with a strange illness.

The symptoms are puzzling,
for every time I set eyes on you,
my pulse quickens,
and my heart beats faster.

I could not understand this ailment.
I described it to my close friends,
and they teased me to their heart’s content.
And told me I was afflicted with lovesickness.

They also told me,
that you alone can cure it.
They urged me to meet you,
and describe the symptoms to you.

Tomorrow I plan to meet you,
in the garden of roses,
and confide in you,
hoping you can cure me of this strange illness.

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4 thoughts on “Lovesickness”

    1. I did not really suffer from those illnesses as frequently as mentioned nor was I a sickly child though it is true that I suffered from Malaria and a broken leg when I was young. The rest is imagination. 🙂

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