U is for the Umbrellabird – With a crest on its head

U is for the Umbrellabird – With a crest on its head

We humans use umbrellas,
to protect ourselves from rain.
But you have a crest on top of your head,
because of which you are called the Umbrellabird.

Not only do you have a crest,
but you also have a wattle hanging from your neck,
which helps you to accentuate,
your loud and booming mating calls.

The males among you,
extend your wattles,
to attract the smaller females,
to mate and produce young ones.

It is entirely left to the females,
to build a loose nest,
lay eggs and incubate the young ones,
to become full and complete adults.

The male members of your species,
do not provide any help,
to the females in building the nests,
or raising the young ones.

You subsist on fruits and large insects,
and occasionally a lizard or two.
You are mostly found in,
forests of central and south America.

You have one of the most fascinating,
structure among birds that I have heard of.
Oh! How I really wish,
I could hold one of you in my hands.

8 thoughts on “U is for the Umbrellabird – With a crest on its head”

  1. Oh, wow! This bird looked like a mythical creature at first. I was wondering if it belonged to the previous centuries. Happy to know the species is still alive. Hope it stays that way. Thank you for sharing another interesting bird. 🙂

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