T is for the Tiger – The majestic and ferocious beast

T is for the Tiger – The majestic and ferocious beast

You are the lord of the jungle.
When you are a young cub,
many people cuddle you, but once you grow up,
no one dares to come near you.

The other animals of the jungle,
tremble when they hear you footfall.
The sound of your approach,
sends birds fluttering from their perches.

The deer and the gazelle,
graze on the grass with nonchalance,
unaware that you are nearby,
waiting for a chance to pounce.

The grace with which you move forward,
step by little step.
Your prey does not hear any sound,
and suddenly you have them by the scruff of the neck.

You can run at great speeds.
Outrun the fastest of animals.
And with your powerful limbs,
you can bring them down with a single stroke.

You are a revered animal,
in mythologies of many religions.
You carry great significance,
in the stories of Hindu gods.

Lord Ayyappa, the hermit God,
rode majestically on your back,
on his way back through the jungle,
after defeating an army.

You are a terrifying animal,
but alas! poaching by humans,
has put even you,
in danger of extinction.

You are a much-needed animal,
as you are on top of the food chain.
If you were to disappear,
it would cause untold misery to us humans.

Hope mankind realizes this fact,
and takes steps to preserve you,
so that the ecological balance,
is in harmony in nature.

4 thoughts on “T is for the Tiger – The majestic and ferocious beast”

  1. Beautiful poem on the most majestic animal in the jungle. They have an unmatched beauty and grace and I don’t know how heartless people can be to kill them

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