S is for the Shark – The terror from the sea

S is for the Shark – The terror from the Sea

I still remember watching,
the famous movie Jaws,
featured on one among you,
called the great white shark.

After the movie was watched by people,
for many days and months,
men and women refused to venture out into the sea,
in beach resorts all around the world.

The savagery with which you attack,
is something beyond imagination.
You are a large and powerful beast,
found in the depths of the sea.

But once you get a whiff of a human prey,
you rise and patrol the shores of seas,
to catch unsuspecting humans,
for a scrunchy and tasty snack.

You come in various sizes,
the smallest of you is just seventeen centimetres,
while the largest, the whale shark,
is forty feet in length.

You have a very keen sense of smell,
and sight adapted to underwater life.
These help you to detect your prey,
from very large distances.

You are one of the animals,
on top of the food chain.
But because of human intervention,
some of you are under threat of extinction.

You are an animal,
that holds me in fascination.
You are a beautiful beast.
But I prefer to admire from a distance.

20 thoughts on “S is for the Shark – The terror from the sea”

  1. The name shark itself invokes terror in the mind. At the same time, I do marvel about this magnificient creation of Almighty.

  2. A lovely poem on a beastly beauty. I have watched the movie ‘Jaws’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Both terrifying.

    1. I have watched jaws but I don’t remember if I have watched deep blue sea. There were sequels to jaws and all of them were terrifying.

    1. Wow! You have swum with sharks! Yes I guess not all varieties attack humans. Thanks for visiting. I will be visiting your site soon. I have been very busy these last few days and have not been reading A to Z posts. Sorry about it.

  3. Jaws might be the film with the single-biggest impact on real-world perception.

    Nice poem, this. I was unaware of the 17-cm shark.

    1. Thanks for visiting Ajit. Jaws had a severe detrimental impact on beachside resorts. Will be reading your murder mystery soon. Have not had time to read any blog posts these past few days. Will catch up soon. 😀

  4. I’ve actually never seen the movie Jaws but my son is currently obsessed with sharks! Lovely poem.

    1. Jaws was a great hit in its time. It created terror among people and as mentioned in the poem people were frightened of venturing out into the sea for days. Good for your son that he is taking an interest in nature so early in his childhood. He is just four and a half right?

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