R is for the Rattlesnake – One of the most venomous of snakes

R is for the Rattlesnake – One of the most venomous of Snakes

Your venom is so powerful,
that when your prey is injected with it,
it is digested even before,
you swallow it fully.

You are a native of the Americas,
found largely in North America,
and parts of Canada,
where you are a source of terror.

The rattle located at,
the end of your tail,
vibrates and creates a loud rattling noise,
stopping predators from nearing you.

This ability of yours,
to produce a rattling sound,
similar to a musical instrument,
is what gives you the name rattlesnake.

You have a pair of eyes,
and heat sensors,
with which you sense your prey,
and pounce on them for food.

You are a snake of venom,
but in Hindu mythology,
you have great religious significance.
and you are worshipped with reverence by many.

You are frightening to humans,
but the truth of the matter is,
you rarely attack anyone,
unless you are attacked first.

My grandma used to narrate to me,
many a tale about you,
and in all her mythical tales,
you were the noblest of creatures akin to God.

10 thoughts on “R is for the Rattlesnake – One of the most venomous of snakes”

    1. Yes, Madhu in every temple you will invariably find a deity of the snake. And Hindu mythology abounds with stories about snakes.

  1. Such an amazing fact about the name of the Rattlesnake! Thanks for sharing Jai. I am dead scared of snakes. Coming from a small town where snakes were found every now and then inside the house, they evoke the feeling of terror in me., even now. I was happy to know that this venomous variety is not in India for India already has its own share of deadliest of them!

    1. Absolutely. Even in Kerala where I live we find lot of snakes but Rattlesnakes are not native to India. And you are right. Snakes are terrifying. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Yes, the thing to do would be to call up the right people so that they can be captured and let into their natural environment. Thanks for visiting.

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