Q is for the Quetzel – A Green coloured beauty


Q is for the Quetzel – A Green coloured beauty


You are a rare bird,
found deep inside the forests.
You are beautifully coloured,
with Green feathers.

You are one of the prettiest,
of our winged friends.
You are not a very large bird,
just thirteen centimetres long.

You are solitary by nature.
You feed on fruits, berries and insects.
You can hide yourself well,
in the place where you dwell.

You are the national bird,
of the country of Guatemala.
Your bright green colour,
represents the Guatemalan people.

You also have a role to play,
as a system of monetary exchange,
because the Guatemalan people,
have named their currency Quetzel.

Alas! I who live in India,
can never set eyes on you,
for you are not to be found,
anywhere in my country.

26 Thoughts to “Q is for the Quetzel – A Green coloured beauty”

  1. Great !!! many new things I got to know about this Amazingly beautiful bird Quetzel, never ever even heard, thanks for sharing!

    1. Jai

      I had not heard of it either. I discovered it only when I searched for animal names starting with Q. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Jyoti Jha

    This is one beautiful bird! I didn’t know about this one. Thank you for the introduction to this lovely creature so wonderfully.

    1. Jai

      Yes, it is a very rare and beautiful bird. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Quetzel sounds like pretzel! I have never heard about this pretty and significant (at least for people of Gautemala) bird. Quetzel to a great extent appears to me a distant cousin of our own parrot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jai

      Yes, it does look like a parrot, doesn’t it? But I believe it is different. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Lovely colorful bird, with an exquisite name! Beautiful poem.
    Q is for Quilting Longarm

    1. Jai

      Thanks Frederique for visiting.

  5. I think letter x will be most difficult. Im also hearing about this animal for the first time.

    1. Jai

      Yes, I also found out about it when I was searching around for animals with names beginning with Q. Yes, I have not figured out X yet.

  6. Suchita Agarwal

    Wow naming your currency after a bird – quite impressive. Also I’d quite like to be a Quetzel 😀

    1. Jai

      Yes. The Guatemalan people are probably very fond of Quetzels. It appears in their flag as well as coat of arms. And you want to be a Quetzel? Hope God grants you your wish in your next birth 😊. But blogchatter will miss you.

  7. Noor Anand Chawla

    Nice to learn about a new creature from your post today! She is a lovely looking bird.

    1. Jai

      Yes. Very cute and sweet. Thanks for visiting noor.

  8. Wow! Never heard of this cutie bird. My first thought was it must be some cousin of a parrot! It’s so so beautiful! No wonder it belongs to the rainforests. Thank you for sharing about Queztel. 🙂

    1. Jai

      It does look quite a bit like a parrot. Thanks for visiiting.

  9. Such vibrant colors. I learnt something new today. The bird and the currency of Guatemala. Thank you.

    1. Jai

      Thanks for visiting Madhu.

  10. Such a beautiful colour! Such a lovely way to honour the bird by naming the currency after it!! A very informative Q post Jai!

    1. Jai

      Thank you so much Archana.

  11. Had I not read your post I would have never known about this beautiful bird. How interesting to have the currency the same name as that of the bird.

    1. Jai

      Yes, I did not know about the Quetzel till I searched for animal names beginning with Q. I needed one for the letter Q and I hit upon the Quetzel.

  12. When we went to Costa Rica, we joked about the elusive quetzel. While they can be found there too, we never saw one. I did bring home a felt quetzel Christmas ornamnet. Weekends In Maine

    1. Jai

      Yes, Quetzels live deep inside forests and are difficult to find. Thanks for visiting, Karen.

  13. We saw a quetzal in Costa Rica. It was on a night-time hike and it was perched on a branch, and because it was dark all we could see was its red and white chest, and couldn’t really make out the beautiful green or the long tail feathers at all. Even so, I fee very lucky to have seen it.
    Black and White (Words and Pictures)

    1. Jai

      Yes, unfortunately they are not to be found in India. They are beautiful birds. I would like to see them. Thanks for visiting.

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