P is for the Pigeon – Who will not let me repair my Air Conditioner

P is for the Pigeon – Who will not let me repair my Air Conditioner


You fly all around my house,
from morning to evening.
I see so many of you,
coming to sit in my balcony.

You have a sweet voice,
and look pretty and innocent,
but let me tell you, oh bird,
you are giving me a load of trouble.

It is the month of April,
and the heat is beating down on me.
My air conditioner is under repair,
and I want some cool air.

My air conditioner has its back to the balcony,
and just in front of it,
you have built your little nest,
to live with your family and raise your young ones.

I know not what to do.
For if I were to repair my air conditioner,
I will have to demolish,
your cosy little nest.

My daughter and wife do not want me to call in the mechanics,
to repair the air conditioner.
I argue with them in vain,
telling them we need some cool air.

I am not a heartless tyrant.
Oh sweet one, I understand your feelings.
I would feel the same,
if someone were to demolish my house.

So I have not called the mechanics.
You can stay safe in your nest,
in front of my air conditioner.
I will let you be.

It is going to be a hot summer for me.
But I hope the next time,
you want to build a nest,
you will find some other place.

43 thoughts on “P is for the Pigeon – Who will not let me repair my Air Conditioner”

    1. Thank you Namratha. No choice in the matter but to let things be till the pigeon’s mating season is over.

  1. That’s straight from the heart and touches the reader’s heart. I faced the same problem in Delhi where we had 2 pigeons living in our balcony. The whole balcony was theirs. Their nest was built invariably on our cooler. We had to wait until the nestlings flew away for shifting the cooler according to season’s demands.

    1. Yes, birds like warm cosy places to build their nests in and a nook in the a/c is ideal for them. I guess there is no choice but to wait till the young ones fly away as you say.

  2. Awww what a dilemma to be in. One solution I can offer is buying a cooler to combat the heat of the summer!

  3. Pigeon is so peaceful creature, and associated with so many traits from past and present. You have written beautifully about the wonderful species.

  4. Oh God. It’s difficult to survive the scorching heat these days. Kudos to you to let the nest be at the cost of your sanity and peace. At the same time, I wish to ascertain that the pigeons are a big head ache. They make the balconies dirty and their feathers always encroach our private quarters.
    Get a pigeon net fitted Jai and save yourself from a lot of troubles in future.

    1. You are absolutely right. But I don’t see any way out of my dilemma. If I want my ac back I have to demolish this nest but I simply can’t do that.

  5. A difficult choice! I have noticed that Pigeons build their nests very fast and just a few sticks are used and eggs laid. That doesnt give us much time to prevent them from nesting at a critical spot like the one you have mentioned. Its large hearted of you to not use the AC just to protect the nest! Kudos to you!

  6. Kahani ghar ghar ki 🙂 The pigeons in my balcony love to put up a dance show in the afternoons. That is indeed thoughtful of you.

  7. Awww… how sweet of you. These birds are a menace, I tell you. How well you wrote about them. And they don’t even build a nest always. A free flowerpot is enough for them to lay eggs, lol.

    1. Absolutely. Mine is a split ac and the back portion sticks out on the balcony and between the back and the front the pigeons have their nest. So someday I will have no choice but to demolish it but I am waiting for some time till the young ones fly away. And you are right they lay their eggs just about anywhere.

  8. Once a pigeon laid eggs in my balcony near the washing machine. We made a hope for the eggs with plastic wraps so that they dont get washed by detergent mixed water. I can totally understand the feelings of you and your family here.

  9. I believe the bird also thanks for your compassion. A lovely story Jai.
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  10. I love this poem! I can’t prune my forsythia because the robin has nested there, but of course it isn’t so terrible an inconvenience to have overgrown shrubs. But surely the pigeons will not be nesting there all summer. As soon as the chicks are grown you can get that air conditioner repaired before they start a new brood.
    Black and White (Words and Pictures)

    1. Yes, I am waiting for the chicks to groow up and fly away. Then I can get some cool air. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Aww, se sweet. The birds come and take shelter at our kitchen chimney. My mom is very upset with their determination. Haha. Nice one Sir. Your poem series is a sweet one, very refreshing.

  12. Can totally identify.
    Pigeons made their nest in my Chimey’s outlet pipe too 🙁
    Wish there were enogh trees and space for them to build nests…

    1. Absolutely. The problem is I find it difficult to simply destroy the nest. I can’t bring myself to do it. So I just let it be.

  13. Fortunate pigeon family! I don’t know what I would do. I am normally tenderhearted towards birds, including the pair who built a nest on our porch light last year. Every time we tried to leave the house they would fly to a nearby tree and stare at us. But it worked out. Now an air conditioner? That one would be hard.

    1. It is hard indeed. Right in front of the air conditioner too in such a way that I cannot do anything at all without harming the nest. So I am letting it be.

  14. I loved the poem. It was very cheerful and lighthearted and directed at a pigeon. A very pretty pigeon, I might add. The pigeons in the United States are mostly just gray. This one is delightfully colorful.

    1. Thanks for visiting Dipali. Yes anyway my airconditioner is under repair and calling in the mechanics means demolishing the nest. So I am desisting from doing that.

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