K is for the Kangaroo – The jewel of Australia


K is for the Kangaroo – The jewel of Australia


You are the pride of a large country,
in the southern hemisphere called Australia.
You command so much respect,
that you appear in their coat of arms.

You are valued so highly,
that you even appear in currency notes.
You are the only large animal
that moves by hopping from place to place.

But the most striking aspect,
of your life cycle,
is how the females among you,
take care of the young ones.

Your female lot,
have a warm and comfy pouch,
in which the small joeys,
fit in with warmth and mother’s love.

It is indeed a beautiful sight,
to see your female members,
jump from place to place
with a joey in their pouch.

The creator has indeed shown,
his genius at the art of designing the world,
by creating the mechanism,
by which you take care of your young ones.

Some of you are red in colour,
while some of you are grey,
but all of you have strong legs,
and move at a great pace.

Just like all harmless animals
you are often hunted,
sometimes for your skin,
and sometimes for meat.

I have never set eyes on one of you
except on a television screen.
It is a dear wish of mine,
to play with one of your young ones.

6 Thoughts to “K is for the Kangaroo – The jewel of Australia”

  1. Nice words.
    Kangaroos are friendly creatures for me ever since I got introduced to one when I was small.
    Remember- Winnie The Pooh ?
    Joey is still my friend! 🙂

    1. Jai

      Thanks for visiting. Yes indeed I remember Winnie the pooh. Who can forget it? It was a ver cute set of stories.

  2. What a storehouse of information on kangaroos and in such an easy breezy way. Loved it!

    1. Jai

      Thanks for the appreciation Sonia.

  3. Kangaroos! Even I want to play with them one day. Australia Zoo run by Steve Irwin’s family is doing so much to keep the animals safe.
    An informative poem as always. 🙂

    1. Jai

      Thank you for the appreciation Srivalli. Kangaroos are indeed fascinating. I would love to hold one of the little ones in my arms.

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