L is for the Lion – The lord of the jungle



L is for the Lion – The lord of the jungle


You are the king of the jungle,
lord of all the animals who dwell there.
The gazelle, the deer and the timid rabbit,
tremble when you approach, hunting for a meal.

You strike fear in the hearts of all and sundry.
And when you roar in anger,
the walls of mighty mountains,
quake and tremble with fear.

When you are a small cub,
you look cute and harmless,
but it is when you grow into a mighty adult,
that you make everyone shake in terror.

You are part of many a folklore,
you are the animal on which,
Hindu Goddesses like Santoshi mata,
ride in all their majestic glory.

Some of you become man-eaters,
once you taste human blood,
and then you have to be hunted down,
by courageous hunters risking their lives.

Over times immemorial,
hunting you down,
has been a sport indulged in,
by men with nerves of steel.

Kings of mighty kingdoms,
hunt you down remorselessly,
to exhibit your skin,
as symbols of their courage and valour.

You are a mighty cat,
but you are a social animal,
you maintain a family,
they call a pride.

The males among you,
are recognised by your beautiful manes,
that adds to your majesty,
and your ferocious beauty.

In your pride of lions,
there are two or three males,
with several females,
and a lot of cubs.

The males among you,
have no interest in the cubs,
as usual, it is the lioness, the mother,
who takes care of the cubs.

You are the lord of the jungle,
I bow in obeisance to you,
No one dares to cross your path.
No one dares to challenge you.

22 thoughts on “L is for the Lion – The lord of the jungle”

  1. An awesome ode to the majestic animal. My all time favorite animal in the jungle is the tiger and the lion. They have an aura like no other animal. Will your post from T will be on tiger?

    1. Well, I have not yet thought about what animal to try out for T. I agree the Lion has an aura like no other animal. So majestic and beautiful in a ferocious sort of way.

  2. The Lion does look like a King. This is a beautiful poem describing all facets of the beautiful beast.

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