J is for the Jackal – One of the most cunning


J is for the Jackal – One of the most cunning


You are synonymous with opportunism.
You are the symbol of betrayal for humans.
So much so that we liken the cunning ones among us,
to you, the jackal, a beast of prey.

But I feel it is rather an unfair comparison,
to liken our hellish lot to you,
you are opportunistic only when you are hunting for food,
whereas we humans employ cunning in everything we do.

You clean up the leftovers,
of carcasses eaten by lions and tigers.
You are excellent scavengers,
and hunters of small prey.

You hunt in pairs or alone.
Mostly during the hours of dawn or dusk.
You have excellent vision,
and a powerful sense of smell.

You have a great history in human folklore.
You are often likened to clever sorcerers.
The Egyptian God Anubis has a head like yours.
He is the God of mummification for the Egyptians.

You are so infamous a creature for us humans,
that in the movie titled ‘The Jackal’,
we have given your name as the pseudonym for the villain,
played by the megastar Bruce Willis.

But all said and done,
you are just one of God’s dear creatures,
and are playing your role in nature,
for the universe to come around.

31 thoughts on “J is for the Jackal – One of the most cunning”

  1. Very aptly described! Jackal is such a clever animal and very well at making the most through an opportunity.

    1. Absolutely. We are deceitful in everything we do whereas a jackal is opportunistic only when it comes to grabbing food.

  2. Jackal, often seen in bad light than the good that they are in their own special way, got justice with your prose Jai.
    Now that I am already into my 40s, I often envy these wild animals who have sharp eyesight. It never seems to desert them like it does with us, mere mortals!

  3. So true, God creates each creature with a role to play in the universe. The jackal as we call cunning, plays his part to the T but I wonder what part do humans acting like him play. Lovely post as always

    1. Thanks for visiting Arushi. Yes, we tend to label animals. But they are far less harmful compared to humans.

  4. Thank you so much for observing the hypocrisy in finding the jackal as a representative of everything evil. While what they do is their only means of survival given their carnivorous nature and small size.

  5. Aptly described and cast in poetic appeal, As a totem, jackal has extremely powerful symbolism and people having similar traits (as tricksters and incorporating tactic and intelligence), are said to succeed in life since they are clever to use their skills to maximum advantage.

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