I is for the Iguana – One of the largest of the lizard family


I is for the Iguana – One of the largest of the lizard family


You are a big and huge reptile.
You can be up to five or six feet long.
You are a very rare animal,
that can be found only in a few places in the world.

You look frightening and ominous,
but you are actually a harmless herbivore.
Some people keep you as a pet.
Oh my huge one, indeed you have charming ways.

You come in two varieties.
The green coloured iguana and the antilean iguana.
The antilean ones among you,
are in severe danger of extinction.

The green coloured ones among you,
are the ones sought after as pets.
You are mostly found in Mexico and the Caribbean.
But also in some parts of Central America.

You have sharp vision and can see colours.
You can distinguish between shapes and sizes.
These qualities help you in crawling through forests,
in search of food to eat.

You communicate among yourselves,
through a marvellous mechanism of visual signals.
You give a true meaning to the adage,
of ‘speaking with the eyes’

We humans have so many things,
to learn from a marvel like you.
You are another product of the mechanism,
of millions of years of wonderful evolution.

26 thoughts on “I is for the Iguana – One of the largest of the lizard family”

  1. I learned a lot about Iguana with this post Jai. By the end of the challenge, we will learn amazing facts about “A to Z of the Animal Kingdom”
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The iguana, though not pleasing in appearance, is quite a fascinating creature! I never knew there were two different kinds of iguanas!

    1. There are two different kinds and the antilean iguana is in danger of extinction. People try to cross breed it with the green iguana and this is slowly resulting in its extinction.

    1. Well, an iguana is not an animal that looks pleasing to the eye but people keep it as a pet because of its endearing qualities.

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