H is for the Hare – One of the fastest creatures



H is for the Hare – One of the fastest creatures


I remember once during my college days,
we were playing cricket in the vast college grounds,
when one of my friends pointed at a distance,
and exclaimed ‘hey everyone, look at that’

We saw you, racing across the terra firma,
at breakneck speed,
you were there one minute,
and were gone the next.

You, the hare, are one of the fastest animals.
You can run at eighty kilometres per hour,
over short distances.
No wonder we could see you just as a flash.

You are small in stature,
with a face as sweet as can be.
People keep you as pets,
in cages of cruelty.

You have two cute ears,
that stick out of the sides.
These ears of yours,
are as sharp as sharp can be.

You have been hunted over the centuries,
by kings and hunters alike.
Being able to shoot one of you,
is considered a sign of huntìng ability.

You are also eaten by some people.
You are a highly-priced meat item,
sold in the market,
as a wonderful delicacy.

You are a wonderful animal.
You are harmless and shy.
It is indeed a pity,
that people won’t simply let you be.

24 thoughts on “H is for the Hare – One of the fastest creatures”

  1. I really loved this one. I have two pet rabbits and we simply adore them. They are part of our family.

  2. One of my relative had a pet hare. They used to house it near a well in their yard. I asked them why they are so insensitive as to keep it near a well. It was a deep well. They said the creature was very intelligent. It would never fall. As far as i remember it never did.

    1. That is indeed wonderful. I guess hares are very intelligent creatures. Hares are known to be nimble footed.

  3. 80 km/ hr..that’s damn fast! And I am reduced for driving at mere 60km/hr on Mumbai Pune express highway.
    When people eat poor, cute creatures like Hare, I wonder how does that morsel go down their throat?

    1. 80 km/hr but over very short distances. And even I wonder how any one can hunt such a harmless animal or eat it.

  4. Now after the lockdown, such creatures are hopefully having a great time.
    Hare and the Tortoise story comes to my mind.
    I also remember a recent movie scene. Have you watched ‘Andha Dhun’ Hindi movie?

    1. Yes, I have watched andhadhun and remèmber the scene. I remember the harè and toŕtoise storry. Thanks for visiting.

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