G is for the Goldfish – The fish with the golden hue


G is for the Goldfish – The fish with the golden hue



You are among the smallest of the fish family,
but you are also one of the most beautiful.
You come in many colour combinations,
but all of you have a golden tinge.

You have a great sense of vision.
You can see four different colours.
Not only can you recognize colours,
you also have a terrific sense of hearing.

You are valued greatly by humans,
as coveted pets for their homes.
People spend large amounts of money,
to buy you for their aquariums.

You are believed to have,
a calming effect on the mind.
People who keep you for a pet,
say you are soothing to their frayed nerves.

When busy men come back from the office,
after a tiring day of work,
they say speaking to you rejuvenates their minds,
even though you never reply to a word they say.

You are beauty personified.
You can also be a present,
to a man’s beloved,
as an expression of love.

The one thing that you don’t allow humans to do,
is to cook you and eat you.
You refuse to be a source of nourishment,
as eating you can be fatal.

You are one of the best of the fish family,
one of the most beautiful and likeable,
a true friend to a human,
who befriends you with open arms.

18 thoughts on “G is for the Goldfish – The fish with the golden hue”

    1. Hi Tom, I definitely agree large mountains are beautiful too. And a ferocious beast like a Lion or a Tiger is also majestically beautiful. You are correct. Beauty is not restricted to size. What I meant was a Goldfish is beautiful not just because of size. But it is a petite thing and that smallness is one of the things that adds to its beauty.

  1. I’m quite fond of goldfish and hope to get one soon for my son as a pet. Lovely and unique poem!

  2. You make such keen observations. The gold fish is indeed a mood-lifter. Not sure how it feels trapped in the aquarium though.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. But as you say animals just like human beings like to be in their natural habitats. And I guess the Goldfish is no exception.

    1. Yes, even I have never had a fish for a pet. But I know quite a few people who have and they say it is a very soothing experience.

  3. Beautiful poem . I knew that goldfish is a good friend of humans but didn’t know that eating it can be fatal

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