F is for the Firefly – That twinkles at night


F is for the Firefly – That twinkles at night


When I was a young boy of twelve,
I stepped out into the garden of my house one night,
and looked at the enormous tree there.
I saw a tiny twinkling light falling from a branch.

I was fascinated by the light,
and ran towards the tree,
but before I could reach the tree,
the light was gone and there was darkness everywhere.

Later when I grew up,
I learned in my biology class,
that what I had seen that night,
were you the wonderful firefly.

You are also called the glow worm.
When I saw you in the garden you emitted Yellow light.
But they say you can also emit,
Red, Green and Blue light.

You emit light of different hues,
to attract mates and prey.
I must say that this struck me as,
indeed a great way to attract a bride.

I imagine a beautiful tree,
a tree with multifarious branches,
lit up by hundreds of your lot,
flashing lights from each branch.

How lovely would such a tree be,
more beautiful than any tree I have ever seen.
More beautiful than any,
artificially decorated Christmas tree.

You are a tiny torch,
a marvel of creation,
with a unique ability,
that is a wonder of wonders.

18 thoughts on “F is for the Firefly – That twinkles at night”

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Most of my poems are simple because I don’t know how to write decoratively.

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