C is for the Chameleon I kept as a pet



C is for the Chameleon I kept as a pet


When I was a young boy,
I wanted a pet badly,
but as my parents would have it,
no animals would be allowed inside my house.

One day I went to the pet shop,
with my uncle who was not so strict,
and bought a Chameleon,
to keep as a sweet little pet.

I kept him hidden inside a small box,
poked with holes,
I fed him worms and other little animals,
I could find in my bountiful garden.

I fell in love with my pet.
with his protruding eyes,
his mischievous ways,
and his reptilian tail.

Every time I opened the box,
I would have to look all around,
for my wonderful pet,
was a master at the art of disguise.

He would take on the colour,
of the insides of the box.
He would suddenly dart out of a corner,
the minute I released his worm.

As luck would have it,
one fine morning when I was feeding him,
he suddenly jumped out,
and made his dash for freedom.

I closed the box with tears in my eyes.
I was heartbroken for days.
It was as if I had lost,
my only friend in the world.

Then an idea struck me,
and that night I left the box open.
The next day morning when I dropped a worm into the box,
my pet jumped out of a corner and grabbed his prize.

Now my pet Chameleon and I are in the best of terms.
I no longer keep him imprisoned,
in a box full of holes.
He comes and goes as he pleases and we are the best of friends.

25 thoughts on “C is for the Chameleon I kept as a pet”

  1. Wow a chameleon for a pet- that’s quite unique! I’m glad you let him come and go as he pleases!

  2. I am jealous of you Jai. You have a chameleon as a pet! Amazing. I wish to see a chameleon in real life someday, one day.
    I loved the little anecdote with a subtle message in this post as well.

    1. Thanks Anagha. Chameleons are pretty common as pets for many children. And they are really charming creatures. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

  3. The title intrigued me. On a literal level, the poem is beautiful. Metaphorically, well, that has to be a special relationship between the pet and its keeper, no?

    Beautiful poem.

    Best wishes for the rest of the A2Z.

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