B is for the Butterfly – From ugliness to beauty


B is for the Butterfly – From ugliness to beauty


You start off as an egg,
out of which you creep out,
as a creature as ugly as can be,
which they call the caterpillar.

By the end of the process of metamorphosis,
you develop beautiful wings,
and become the multicoloured marvel,
they call the butterfly.

when a handsome lad and a beautiful lass,
want to confess their love to each other,
it always helps to push matters forward,
if you are flitting around somewhere.

I am sure that when Romeo,
confessed his love to Juliet,
you must have been present in the scenery somewhere,
to embolden his resolve to let her know how he felt about her.

You flit around flowers in gardens,
making men and women dream about sundry things.
Moonstruck lovers hold hands and watch you,
making plans for a rosy future.

What baffles me the most,
is the multitude of colours in which you come.
You come in so many sizes too.
You are indeed a marvel.

It is indeed a pity,
that a creature as beautiful as you,
are hunted by so many predators,
for their food and nourishment.

You have such a short life cycle.
You are flitting around the flowers today,
bringing happiness to every mind,
but are gone the very next day.

If only God had taken the trouble,
to create the entire earth,
as beautiful as he created you,
the world would be a great place to live in.

22 thoughts on “B is for the Butterfly – From ugliness to beauty”

  1. God has created such lovely creatures like butterflies.
    I always marvel at the metmorphosis. How a caterpillar changes into a pretty butterfly!

  2. Beauty is inevitably short-lived on earth. Evil, ugliness, vices, disasters… these seem more natural. That’s why, while admiring the butterfly and the rose, I find it impossible to believe in a creator beyond.

    1. That is indeed true Tom. Kindness and love are other beautifull things that are short lived. Cruelty persists.

  3. I remember when I was young, most of my drawings would have one or the other butterfly in it!
    Butterflies are simply marvellous creation of God. Their presence in natural or man-made form like wall decorations, do bring in the cheer.
    Good one Jay

    1. Thanks Anagha. Even I am fascinated by butterflies. The process of metamorphosis held special interest to me when I was young. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

  4. Though I really admire your poem, I disagree with you slightly- I think the world is equally beautiful if not more than the butterfly. Of course I’m referring to god’s creation, nothing man-made!

    1. The world is beautiful just the way it is. I agree with you there. But think of a world where everything is as beautiful as a butterfly. Don’t you think it would be a wonderful world? But then it would be a meaningless world perhaps. Because beauty does not have any meaning without ugliness. Similarly love does not have any meaning without hate. It is necessary to have everything to make the universe come around.

  5. Nice poem…. Yes butterflies just seem to weave everyone’s dreams around them somehow… But I guess life is as beautiful as the colors of the butterfly…. It’s just that what we decide to see… The colors or the grey dull moth behind the creation!!

  6. Marvelous! I am mesmerized the way you have narrated butterfly and it’s beauty. God has created everyone with the same lovely stroke, it is we who bring various shades to ruin the masterpiece he cherished.

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