Photo Prompt © Mikhael Sublett

I heard about the tremors that had shaken the area on my way back. I was not worried because I was an old man with nobody to call my own. I had few belongings I could lose. I lived in a room on the ground floor. I hurried back to my room worried only about losing one thing. I reached my room soon. I entered and surveyed the damage. Most of my belongings were intact. But what really mattered was that the portrait my dead granddaughter had made for my birthday was intact. I clutched it fiercely to my chest.

Word Limit: 100 words.

Author’s Note:: This post has been written in response to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Photo Prompt Page Friday Fictioneers

1 thought on “The Portrait – #FRIDAYFICTIONEERS”

  1. Dear Jai,

    It seems we took a similar direction this week. Glad the picture survived.



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