The After-Breakfast Conversation – #SUNDAYPHOTOFICTION

The After-Breakfast Conversation – #SUNDAYPHOTOFICTION

Photo Courtesy of Bobby & Devin

I enjoyed the conversation I had with Johnny and Micky everyday after breakfast. They would always be waiting for me as soon as I happened to pass their doorstep. Of course initially it took a lot of time to make friends with them. They came from a different strata of society and I was from a much lower class. But once the three of us got to know each other we got on like a house afire. They exchanged tidbits about what they had for breakfast while i would narrate all my adventures on the streets.

I lived a much more adventurous life then they did. For them everything was taken care of. I had to fend for myself. They were rich while I was poor. I soon made my way past the by lanes and went right up to their house. There was no sign of them. Dare I call out to them? I suddenly decided I would wait for some time. After fifteen minutes when they had not put in an appearance I barked loudly and sure enough Johnny and Micky appeared by the window and peeped out. I wagged my tail and our after breakfast conversation began.

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Author’s Note: This post has been written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction Page

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