The Extinction Of A Species – #WRITEPHOTO

The Extinction Of A Species – #WRITEPHOTO

The leader turned around and looked at his group with concern. Most members of the group looked tired and dehydrated  If only he could lead them to cooler surroundings quickly. But the heat had increased manifold in the last six months. Most members of the population had died.

The leader knew his group was the last of the survivors and everyone else had died. In the last six months the snow had disappeared and strange plants had started cropping up in the once cold landscape that was so habitable. The entire landscape had been replaced by vast and swirling currents of water.

The leader was especially worried about the younger members of his group. They had now gone without any food for the past three days. The last member to die was a two year old. The heat had been too much for the young one to bear. She had simply collapsed. It took a lot of effort to make the mother continue moving along with them.

The polar glaciers had completely melted and the leader was totally confused how to move towards cooler climate. But responsibility weighed heavily on the leader’s shoulders and he trudged on determined to lead his pack to a safer locale. 

Suddenly there was a commotion at the back. The leader turned and walked to the back of the group. Two more members had dropped dead. The leader realized that his pack was reducing rapidly. He was afraid there would soon be no one left.

Yet he was not willing to give up. He continued leading his pack towards what he hoped was safety and a habitable and cool climate instead of this dry arid wasteland. With determination the pack trudged on until one by one the members kept falling down dead.

Finally the leader was left alone and he simply lay down and closed his eyes. Finally he too breathed his last.

Headlines In The Science Journal Discovery On 12/11/2024

The expedition headed by nature scientist Harold Latman discovered a trail of bodies of the polar bears in the north pole yesterday. After the drastic effects of global warming which completely melted the glaciers of the north pole it was believed that this magnificent beast was extinct. It is a marvel that some of these beasts had survived and lived for a few more years. Alas! Now we have lost the last of these majestic animals. Scientists fear that this could further damage our ecological balance which is already hanging on a knife edge. Scientists warn that the consequences could be  far reaching.

Author’s Note: This post has been written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

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