Photo Credit: Paul Howell (Mystery Writer Betty Webb’s Husband)

I woke up with a smile on my lips and walked to the lawn. The fishing nets used were fluttering in the wind. They were tied from end to end. I walked under the nets whistling a tune. I had every right to be pleased with life. Just yesterday I had finished the Biology practical test and had topped the class. The thing about Biology as a subject was though I was excellent at it theoretically I could never master the art of dissecting and labeling animals. I did a very shoddy job in my two attempts at dissecting cockroaches and lizards. But yesterday I had the task of dissecting a frog and I had done it brilliantly. Everything had gone right and my teacher was all praise for me. Suddenly as I was under the middle of the fishing nets there seemed to be an invasion of frogs of all colors all over the nets. There were Green, Yellow and Red frogs. I stood petrified to the spot. Suddenly I let out a terrified scream and woke up from my slumber with a cry. I heaved a sigh. I thought to myself, ‘So frog dissection can give one nightmares’.

Word Limit: 200 words

Author’s Note: This piece has been written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction Page

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