Varun and Anandi (B)hairav

Varun and Anandi (B)hairav

12th June 1989

Varun Bhairav was besotted with his actress wife Anandi. They had married six months back. He had been a stuntman quite often in the movies in which Anandi acted as the heroine. Many people had predicted that the marriage would end within a year. They said she would tire of him quickly. But Varun and Anandi were very sure of their love and till now their relationship had been wonderful.

Varun travelled to most places with Anandi for shootings and every time the movie’s hero was supposed to save Anandi from danger it was Varun who had to play the role of the hero’s double. For a long time, Anandi had been very busy with shootings, and they were also being continuously chased by the paparazzi. Finally, when they could no longer bear it, they had decided to escape on a vacation to Goa.

They had booked a flight and were planning to take off that afternoon. Varun got up from their bed and walked over to the open window of their posh apartment. It was still dark. He looked at his watch. It was 5 AM. He took deep breaths, and the fresh morning air filled his lungs. Varun did not have any of the vices found in many stuntmen. He did not smoke or drink. As a stuntman it was essential for him to always stay fit.

Anandi smoked and drank quite a bit and Varun had tried his level best to get her to give up. But though she wanted to give up for his sake, she simply did not have the will power. Varun sighed and switched on the lamp placed by the side of the bed. He looked at his wife’s naked body partially covered with a blanket. He thought about the way they had made love the previous night and he gritted his teeth.

For the past one-month Anandi’s appetite for sex had increased manifold. She had become something of a nymphomaniac. And what was more she had crazy and kinky ideas she insisted on trying out. She demanded sex from him at the oddest of times and places. During the time they were courting he had never thought of Anandi as a sex maniac. She had a healthy appetite for sex, but she was never ravenous like this. And Varun had to grudgingly admit he enjoyed every bit of the sex they were having now.

Varun sighed and went back to the bed and lay down by Anandi’s side. He suddenly grinned as he remembered their exploits of the night before. Anandi had always struck him as a very innocent girl. She had told him she had been sexually abused as a child. The first time they made love, Varun handled her with extreme care making sure he did not hurt her in any way.

He looked at her lovely face. She was a classical beauty. And she also had excellent acting skills. No wonder she was such a success. He gently moved up to her. He propped his left hand on his elbow and rested his face on it. He reached out and with his right hand he caressed her cheeks. Her eyes opened suddenly and to his surprise they shone like pearls. There was a mild red hue emanating from them.

‘Make love to me, darling,’ she said.

‘I am not really up to it now, dear.’

‘Do as I say, or I will kill you.’ She said in a harsh guttural voice.

Varun was surprised but he could feel his erection grow as she pulled him on top of her. They made love frantically and soon Anandi’s fingernails clawed on Varun’s back drawing blood as they dug deeper and deeper…

                                                                                            To Be Continued...

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14 thoughts on “Varun and Anandi (B)hairav”

  1. Big commitment to write out 26 chapters. I’m trying to work on longer forms, but I’m not up to that yet. Maybe next year.

    Varun needs to be careful; all his clean living is going to come to an end if he keeps giving in to glowing red eyes.

    1. Yes, it is a big commitment indeed, and I hope I will be able to complete it. Best of luck to you with your posts. Yes, Varun has to be careful not to get carried away.

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