At (C)alangute Beach In Goa

At (C)alangute Beach in Goa

Varun and Anandi landed at the Goa International Airport at 1 PM. They had booked a villa at the Alexandria resort near Calangute beach which was forty-one kilometres from the airport. They hired a cab and soon reached the resort. They were welcomed with garlands by the resort authorities and were also given coconut water to drink. They were told that this was the customary welcome accorded to all people who came for a stay. Anandi was wearing a light-coloured polka dotted T-Shirt and torn Blue Jeans. She looked absolutely ravishing. Varun was wearing Bermudas and a loose shirt over which he wore a jacket. They were escorted to their room and their luggage was also transferred immediately.

Their villa was fully furnished and decorated tastefully with several Van Gogh paintings. There was a veranda which faced the sea. From the veranda they were able to see the waves. They stood together in the veranda and watched the beautiful vista of the Arabian sea. At a distance from the seashore, they could see several fishing boats scattered all over. From where they stood, the boats appeared like tiny dots spread over a blue carpet.

Anandi sighed and looked at Varun’s chiselled features. He had taken off his jacket and was now wearing just the loose shirt underneath. She had always thought Varun was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She gently placed her hand on his hairy chest and felt his six-pack abs. She was feeling aroused.

‘Take me to bed, dear’ she said sighing.

Varun looked at her pretty face, grinned and said, ‘Wasn’t last night enough?’

Anandi pressed her body tightly against him. He lifted her and carried her to the big four-poster bed. He placed her on the bed and walked over to the music system in the room and switched it on. He chose an Olivia Newton John album. The famous song ‘If You Love Me (Let Me Know)’ sung in Olivia’s melodious voice filled the room.

They made love and this time Anandi was not as wild as she had been in the morning. Afterwards they held each other and exulted in the warmth of each other’s bodies. Anandi’s arms were around Varun, and her fingers touched the scratch marks on Varun’s back where her nails had dug in deep that morning.

She exclaimed, ‘Varun, show me your back.’

He turned around and Anandi looked at the scratch marks that had drawn blood. She touched the marks tenderly and asked, ‘Where did you get those? They were not there last night.’

Varun stared at her. ‘That is a fine question coming from you. You made them yourself. You were brutal today morning. Don’t tell me you don’t remember.’

Anandi said, ‘I tell you I don’t know where those marks came from. Do you really believe I would do a thing like that to you?’

Varun decided to humour her. He grinned and said, ‘All right, maybe you did it in your dreams. You tell me I come in your dreams quite often.’

Anandi subsided into tight-lipped silence. Varun smiled and caressed her cheeks. ‘Now, don’t go all stiff upper lip on me.’

Suddenly Anandi’s face clouded over with suspicion. She said in a harsh voice, ‘Varun, have you been sleeping with some other woman?’

Varun stared at her aghast. What shocked him was his sudden realization that there was an undeniable ring of real belief in Anandi’s voice about what she was saying. Was it possible that she had forgotten all about what had happened that morning?

‘No darling. I did not do anything of that sort. I really love you. You should know that by now.’

Anandi looked into his eyes and Varun could again see that pale red hue emanating from her eyes. She said harshly, ‘Listen to me Varun. I will never allow anyone to come between the two of us. And if any woman tries to take you away from me, I will kill you both…’

                                                                                            To Be Continued...

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