My Lost Love

My Lost Love

On the shores of the glorious Mamallapuram beach,
I knelt down, looking into your soulful eyes,
and held out a sapphire wedding ring,
hoping against hope you would consent to be mine.
And to my delight, you mouthed the word ‘yes’ with a smile.

You kept house for me,
for years and years.
You brought up our children with care.
Looked after them while I was busy,
with my work and my quest for money and success.

You made sure,
that my clothes were spotlessly clean,
for wearing to the office.
You made sure I looked my best,
at every party and every meeting.

You attended every one of my parties,
looking lovely and pretty as a doll.
I was the envy of all my colleagues.
They congratulated me
and told me you were God’s gift to me.

But alas! Fool that I was,
I took you for granted.
Failing to realize that you were a woman,
and a human being above all,
with certain needs and wants of your own.

I neglected you,
and concentrated on the race to get ahead in life,
my eyes blinded by a chimera of self-indulgence.
I failed to see the toll,
my ignorance was taking on you.

Finally, you begged me to be considerate,
tried to tell me your true feelings.
But my foolishness and arrogance,
stopped even that from bringing me to my senses,
and I continued to treat you callously.

You repeatedly tried to bring me to my senses,
doing everything within your power,
to make me understand your agony.
But blinded by my greed for money and success,
I continued living in blissful ignorance.

Now you are in the arms of another man,
a man who loves you truly and cherishes you.
There is a void in my life,
which can never be filled,
by anyone else but you.

But you belong to someone else now,
and I hope you are safe and happy.
I hope he keeps you happier than I ever did,
understanding your true worth,
and does not ever make you sad.

If you are reading these lines,
somewhere in this world, my love,
please accept my plea for forgiveness,
for not being the husband, you deserved.
May you stay blessed with your new mate forever.

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10 thoughts on “My Lost Love”

  1. This is a kind of a reality in today’s time where we all are a part of rat race and running behind success and money. Beautifully written poem showing the reality of life. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Shamik. We are in a rat race and too often we forget our near and dear ones and their needs and take them for granted.

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