Y is for the Yak – The domesticable giant

Y is for the Yak – The domesticable giant

You are a huge furry animal,
found in the Himalayan ranges.
You are dark black or brown.
Sometimes you are even creamy in colour.

You have strong, powerful horns,
that can gore enemies to death.
This horn of yours curves outward,
among the male members of your lot.

You have a distinctive hump,
which is more pronounced among males.
Your male lot weighs nearly four hundred kilograms,
while the females weigh around three hundred

You have a long woolly tail.
You are a bovine, but unlike other bovines,
you don’t produce a mooing noise.
Instead of that, you grunt distinctly.

You have large lungs,
and unlike other cattle,
you are adapted to living,
in high mountainous altitudes.

Usually, you mate in summer,
between July and September.
At other seasons of the year,
you roam around as bachelors.

You have been domesticated by humans,
for thousands of years,
for your rich milk, meat and fibre.
You are also used as beasts of burden.

You are indeed a very beneficial animal,
for human beings to befriend.
You play an essential role in the lives of humans,
for which we are indeed thankful.

8 thoughts on “Y is for the Yak – The domesticable giant”

  1. How interesting Jai. I didn’t know most of these facts about the yak. So glad I learnt about this animal from your post.

    1. Thanks for visiting Noor. Yes, in fact most of these things I found out only when I did the research for the post.

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