Z is for the Zebra – The striped marvel

Z is for the Zebra – The striped marvel

Every time I go to the shop,
to buy myself a shirt for an interview,
the question that is uppermost in my mind is,
should I buy a plain shirt or a striped one?

And at such times, I get reminded,
of you the striped one from the animal kingdom.
You are a striped version of a horse,
much shorter and not as sturdily built.

Your black and white stripes,
that stretch all over your body,
make you look enticingly beautiful,
striking and glorious.

Those of you found in the plains,
are about fifty inches up to the shoulders,
with a body of about seven-foot length,
and a twenty-inch tail.

Your stripes help you hide from predators.
When you run away from predators,
they are dazzled by the stripes on your body,
and help you to escape from them.

The pattern of the stripes on your bodies,
are unique to each one of you.
It is just about possible,
you recognize each other by means of your stripes.

Your stripes also keep away flies,
and other blood-sucking insects,
and may also create currents around your body,
which may help keep you cool.

When chased, you zig-zag from side to side,
and though you are slower than a horse,
You have great stamina,
which helps you escape any predator.

You have excellent eyesight.
You have sight on both sides of your head,
which gives you an excellent field of vision.
In addition, you also have night vision.

I generally prefer to wear,
striped shirts to plain ones,
for my interviews,
for looking like you gives me more confidence.

16 thoughts on “Z is for the Zebra – The striped marvel”

  1. It has been really interesting revisiting these species and re-learning about them through your beautiful poems. It was an honor having known you through this series. Best wishes and look forward to hearing many more of these wonderful writings.

    1. Thank you so much Jyoti for visiting my blog regularly and reading the poems. And congratulations to you too on the successful completion of A to Z.

  2. Marty, the zebra, from Madagascar movie series is my favorite. I was not aware that the stripes on the zebra dazzle the predators. Thanks for sharing that information.
    Though I could not regularly visit and read about different species from the animal kingdom, I have enjoyed all which I have read. It was a different theme which stood out.
    Heartiest congratulations on successful completion of the challenge in great style and stride, Jai. Kudos

    1. Thank you so much Anagha. I was not able to read all your stories but the ones I read were brilliant. Thanks for being a regular visitor and congratulations on completing A to Z.

  3. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge!
    I really like your personal anecdotes nicely woven into each poem. I also appreciate the research you’ve done on each animal.
    Look forward to more from you!

    1. Thank you Noor. And congratulations to you also for completing A to Z. I enjoyed your posts thoroughly. Keep visiting.

    1. Thanks Anne. Let us keep visiting each other’s blogs in future also. Congratulations on completing A to Z.

  4. Congratulations on succesful completion of A2Z Challenge. I am stunned there are so many facts about Zebra to which I was completely unknown till today, like they have Night vision, both side vision. Sensory in their stripes, your poetries have given us amazing way of learning about animals once again, Waiting of an e book, to read rest of the post that I missed.

    1. Yes, I am planning to write an eBook though I have not yet decided on the content. Let us see.

    1. And thanks for being a regular reader of my posts Frederique. And I loved your colourful quilt designs. Keep in touch.

  5. I got to know a lot of facts about zebras! I find;t know that they had night vision! Congratulations on finishing the A2Z challenge! Kudos to you, AtoZ survivor. 🙂

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