W is for the Wolf – A dangerous canine

W is for the Wolf – A dangerous canine

When I was a young lad of ten,
I used to read the phantom comics.
In those comics, it was mentioned that phantom’s pet, Devil ,
was a mix of a dog and wolf.

I was always in awe of you.
You are a member of the canine family,
mostly found in Eurasia and North America.
But some of you are also found in the Arctic.

You are a carnivore by nature.
Your fur is grey, brown or white.
You are feared a lot by humans,
even though you attack them only when you are rabid.

You live in nuclear families,
in a pack that has,
a male and a female,
and a lot of children.

After reaching the age of maturity,
the children leave the family.
Sometimes they also leave the family,
when there is not enough food for everyone.

You are a territorial animal,
and mark your territory,
and if any other pack encroaches on your territory,
you attack with a lot of ferocity.

You have been hunted by men,
for sport and entertainment over the ages.
Kings of many kingdoms,
hunted you as a pastime activity.

You are a beautiful animal.
You look majestic and ferocious.
But alas! men just will not let you and your lot,
be free by yourselves.

I wish God would knock some sense into humans,
that if they keep killing animals incessantly,
one day humans would cease to exist,
in this beautiful and bountiful earth.

8 thoughts on “W is for the Wolf – A dangerous canine”

    1. I did not watch Game of Thrones but I remember someone telling me something about wolves with regard to it. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Yes, I do remember ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. In fact, even in Jungle book, the wolf plays an important role.

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