O is for the Ostrich – The bird that runs and does not fly

O is for the Ostrich – The bird that runs and does not fly


You are the largest of all birds,
and as an adult, you grow up to two metres,
which is more than six feet,
even taller than a tall human.

The one bane in your structure,
is that, unlike your feathered lot,
you cannot fly and soar,
high above in the sky.

But you more than make up for it,
by being a very fast runner.
sometimes you run,
at a breath-taking fifty miles per hour.

You weigh more than a hundred kilograms,
which is why you are unable to fly.
Oh, my huge one, tell me something,
do you sometimes wish you were different?

You are an omnivore,
and eat small insects and plants.
You also eat leaves, grass and seeds,
and sometimes small reptiles and mammals.

Trying to harm you is dangerous,
for you have very powerful legs,
and one kick from with your leg,
is enough to kill a fully grown human.

You are mostly found in Africa.
But you are farmed all over the world,
for your tasty meat,
and valuable skin and feather.

You are not hunted much,
because of your massive size,
the only animals that dare to prey on you,
are the ferocious lions and Cheetahs.

It is indeed a pity,
that among all the birds,
you are the odd man out,
and cannot fly in the sky.

12 thoughts on “O is for the Ostrich – The bird that runs and does not fly”

  1. 100Kgs!!1 How I wish I was an ostrich. I wouldn’t have to bother about my weight then!
    Jokes apart, I could imagine a kick by a 100Kg bird running at speed of 50 miles per hour. Ostrich is a real powerful bird.
    Have you seen it in actual / real Jai? I harbour the wish to see it live in its habitat and not in the zoo setting.
    -Its O for Once Again at https://canvaswithrainbow.com/once-again/

    1. No anagha, I have never seen an Ostrich for real or at least don’t remember seeing it. I believe it is a huge powerful bird and woe betide anyone who dares to attack its eggs. I have been busy these past few days. I will be catching up with the reading in the weekend. Sorry I am kind of lagging behind in reading.

  2. Every time your poem interests me a lot . Ostrich weighs 100 kg and runs 50 km per hour . Amazing Bird . God’s creation is so beautiful. Lovely poem.

  3. Amazing sharing of facts about Ostrich, wasn’t aware of much, if I got to know few ones credit goes to Khatron K khiladi show only, most of the time they have task involving Ostrich. Loved the prose-poetry way of presentation, I missed many posts of you sorry about, surely going to catch all.

  4. A good kick from the ostrich, that would do the job. 😀
    Do they hide their heads in the sand than face danger? Funny birds these are for sure.

    1. Yes, I have not mentioned that part in my poem. They are supposed to hide their heads in the sand when they face danger or in other words, they are often in denial of the true situation. Hence the adage ‘like an Ostrich with its head buried in the sand.’

  5. I didn’t know that it weighed a 100 kg, or that its kick could kill an adult human.

    I remember watching a program once, maybe on Discovery, where the guy stood on Ostrich eggs to demonstrate how strong they were. I wish they were found in South Asia also. 🙂

    Nice post again.

    1. Thanks for visiting Ajit. They are powerful but quiet harmless. The eggs are strong and it is very difficult to break them.

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