A is for the Ant – The designer of beautiful hills



A is for the Ant – The designer of beautiful hills


A is for the ant so tiny and small,
always on the move, never stopping for a second,
to look around and gape,
at the scenery all around.

Tell me oh little one,
where do you find the energy,
to be so hardworking and industrious?
Don’t you ever want to take a rest?

Your society is so organized,
your lot is united in everything you do,
I drop the tiniest grains of sugar on the floor,
and you immediately gather to carry it to your anthill.

Your ant hills are an engineering marvel,
with so many little cabins for your lot,
we have to learn the art of building designer hills,
from your marvellous engineering skills.

You come in so many shapes and sizes.
Some of you are small while some of you are big.
Some of you are black while some of you are red.
Some of you bite while others don’t.

When two of you meet,
you pause for the briefest of time.
In this tiny span of a moment,
I wonder what secrets you exchange.

You are tiny but you are also extremely strong.
You have the ability to carry,
grains that are several times your weight,
over distances that are big and small.

Oh, my little marvel of nature,
you truly leave me in awe,
of the marvellous mechanism of evolution,
that created something as wondrous as you.

32 thoughts on “A is for the Ant – The designer of beautiful hills”

  1. Hey Jai.
    I really enjoyed your ode to an ant. My favourite bit is
    “……In this tiny span of a moment,
    I wonder what secrets you exchange.”
    Such a lovely way to pay attention to this little marvel.
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

  2. So sweet. The anthills truly amaze me. Sometimes they are so big and artistic I mistake them for a hidden animal in the forests of Western Ghats.

    1. Anthills are indeed a marvellously designed. It is indeed a wonder how so tiny a creature like an ant can design a hill.

  3. Reminded me of a passage I had read in the book The Once and Future King where Merlin turns Wart into an ant. Loved how you have captured their mystery.

  4. Ant the tiniest but the mightiest!
    I love to watch ants marching past, for hours together. I also love it when two meet, for a fraction of second, exchange communication and the march on!
    You have summed up the ant world so well, Jai

  5. This is amazing. I just love the picture that you have shared with this post as well. It gives us a nice visual to a very well written poem. Good Job and good luck on the challenege!!

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