The Torrent


The Torrent – #WRITEPHOTO


She started moving from a small hole on the ground,
in a little hill in the middle of nowhere.
She moved slowly at first,
like a passenger train starting from a train station.

She moved down the hill.
She picked up speed as she moved by,
just like a train picks up speed,
as it moves towards its destination.

But unlike a train,
she does not stop anywhere.
But yet mingles with numerous others,
of her kind and becomes bigger than ever before.

Before she reaches her destination,
she is a huge torrent.
But she has never stopped throughout her journey,
for she does not have time to wait for anybody.

She finally reaches her destination,
which is but a sheer wall of negligible height.
By now she is shaded brown,
having picked up soil, some fertile and some not so fertile.

Finally, she tumbles down the wall,
along with the numerous others who have joined her.
She falls down and spreads across,
providing nourishment to the vegetation all around.

This friends is the story of a waterfall,
that has a very small beginning,
but picks up speed and strength,
over its journey from start to finish.

On reaching the destination,
it spreads its H2O in all directions,
and adds to the beauty,
of life on mother earth

Author’s Note: This post has been written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt #WRITEPHOTO

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