A To Z 2020 – Theme Reveal



A To Z 2020 – Theme Reveal


Well, I am currently out of a job and living off my savings. I am also busy preparing tutorial videos on computer programming languages in the hope of being able to sell them on etutorial sites. In the middle of all this comes the corona pandemic which has grabbed the world by its throat. I initially thought I would have my hands full with my video creation task and no time for writing. Not only that, but in the past few days every time I sit down to write an article on my blog my conscience pricks me with the thought, ‘Hey you, find a way to earn a living first and then do all this.’ But when I saw all my dear friends coming up with their theme reveals for #BlogchatterA2Z 2020 in the social media how could I not get tempted to participate?

So after a lot of thought, I am jumping in. I have filled the form and submitted it just a few minutes back. I participated in the A2Z challenges both last year and the year before last. The first time I wrote a thriller in which the chapters were based on the English alphabets. This thriller was titled ‘Eighty Hours To Save Karen’ and received rave reviews and was praised quite a bit. The thriller was subsequently published as a Kindle eBook on Amazon and can be purchased here. The second time I participated in the A2Z challenge, I wrote a series on sportspersons whose names were related to the English alphabets. This series was also very well received.

Now to my theme for this year. I am an amateur poet. By that, I mean I am a guy who pretends to himself that he can write poetry. To my credit, I have written quite a few poems in the past and some of my poems have even been appreciated by good poets. So this time I will be writing twenty-six poems for the A2Z challenge. Each poem will be featured on an animal, for example, an Ant for A or a Butterfly for B and so on.

In short, the name of the animal on which the poem will be based, will be related to the English alphabets starting A and ending in Z. I hope my readers will enjoy my poems. A word about my poems. I know zilch about the technical aspects of writing poems. As I said before I am an amateur and you will find my poems are straight forward with not much technical sophistication. I hope my readers will find this theme and the accompanying poems interesting.

See you on the 1st with my first poem. 


8 thoughts on “A To Z 2020 – Theme Reveal”

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I write poetry too, but am just pretending to be a poet!
    I look forward to your posts A-Z. I like poetry and I like animals!

    1. Hi Lisa, I read from your theme reveal that you will be writing poetry too. I will be visiting your blog regularly. I hope you enjoy my poems on animals. Looking forward to your comments on my poems.

  2. Hi Jai – good luck with both A to Zs … and more importantly perhaps – I hope your searching brings a job or two your way – the tutorials sound a great way of starting off. All the best. I’m not a poet – but will enjoy reading them, I’m not joining in this year – look after you and yours at this time – take care – Hilary

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