The Tree – Sunday Photo Fiction

The Tree – Sunday Photo Fiction

Image Credit: Katie S.

The boy was feeling bored. He watched the golden rays of the setting sun spread across the sky. The glorious phenomenon did nothing to bring an answering echo to his heart. He had the whole evening stretching in front of him. He had been feeling bored for a long time now. He looked at the row of trees at a distance. Some trees bore white fruit. The boy’s attention was caught by one particular tree that seemed to have red fruits hanging low. He walked towards the trees and lay down under the tree bearing the red fruit.

Oh, well, here is to another evening of boredom, the boy thought to himself. Half an hour passed by. He stared upwards at the fruits. What fruit were they, he wondered? Suddenly something rotten fell right on the middle of his face. The boy got up in disgust. He was just about to turn and run when he stood with his gaze transfixed on the apple that had fallen on his face. Why did the fruit fall down and not move up, the boy asked himself? The boy’s name was Isaac Newton, and this was how he discovered the laws of gravity.   

Word Limit: 200

Author’s Note: This post has been written in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction Page Published By Donna

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