The Tree With A Hole | Caught #writephoto

The Tree With A Hole | Caught #writephoto
I woke up at 6.00 AM in the morning. I stretched and yawned and looked at the empty pillow by my side in misery. I still remembered how Maggie’s beautiful face would look up and smile at me every morning from that pillow. It had been nearly a year since Maggie had died and I had still not gotten over her death. 

I remembered our usual morning routine. We would wake up fresh after a wonderful night of love-making and she would wake up and bang a pillow down on my face. I would pull her down and we would make love again. She would then get up and walk out of the bedroom to the kitchen naked and make breakfast for us. 

I loved the way she used to make omelets. She would make them just the way I liked them. We were really a made for each other couple. Everyone had said so. And we were really in love with each other. After breakfast, we would set out for our usual morning walk in the vast estate which Maggie had inherited from her uncle when he had died and which had passed to me after her unfortunate death. 

We would move along the vast beautiful lawns of the estate, past the Golf course into the shades of the tall trees outside the gate. We would move down the pathway and we would walk up to this one point where the trees were thick and dense. We would move between the trees until we reached one particular tree. 

It was a tall peculiar tree with a round hole in its trunk through which one could see the sun shining. I would then hold her pinned to the trunk of the tree and kiss her passionately on the lips. We would look into each other’s eyes and surrender to the delicious pleasure of lovemaking right by the side of the tree. This was an every morning routine which I sorely missed. 

Sometimes we used to visit the tree at night too especially when the moonlight was bright. After Maggie’s unfortunate death I made it a point to visit the tree every morning. I would make my way slowly. And I would look up at the hole through which the Sun shined brightly. And every morning suddenly the bright light shining through the hole in the trunk would disappear and instead I would see Maggie’s lovely face peeping at me through the hole. 

I would see her beautiful face with the upturned nose and blue eyes, framed by her lovely lustrous blond hair. The face would just appear for a second and disappear. I never visited the tree at night after Maggie’s death. I remember the last time we had visited the tree at night. Maggie had cuddled up to me and had talked about growing old together. She had talked about our children and how we would hold them up and scold them and take them to Hockey matches. 

That was the night I had strangled her and buried her body at the bottom of the tree. You see I loved Maggie a lot but I loved her wealth just a little bit more.

Author’s Note: This short story is written in response to the Thursday Photo Prompt: Caught #writephoto by Sue Vincent

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30 Thoughts to “The Tree With A Hole | Caught #writephoto”

  1. Oh, gosh, what a surprise ending!

  2. Bone chilling thriller.I was expecting something else and this was a shock!

  3. That's a sudden twist in the story. The real face of a human?

  4. Excellent description of the setting!

  5. Pri

    Nicely penned! A brutal twist to a mushy love…

  6. omg! the last line was so scaring! what a thriller twist

  7. Oh…. Such a sweet romantic story until I read the last few lines. What a horrible truth?? Most persons prefer wealth than love. So sad about it.

  8. A really good story, Jai. Even though I felt this is the way the story would move but the brutality of the crime was chilling!

  9. Wow Jai, you are simply awesome at your work. I love chilling thrillers and this is the best so far.

  10. I didn't see it coming this way.

  11. The ending took me by a surprise! Very well-written

  12. That end, I did not see coming. Quite a twist 🙂

  13. o My God …Romance turned so horrible .

  14. Oh my Goodness. That was none chilling! What is perceived to be romantic turned out to be a cruel ending.

  15. Oh God… Literally I had goosebumps after reading its end but I am really impressed with your writing creativity no one can expect this end as the beginning was full of love and romance.

  16. #myfriendalexa #delhibloggerreads

  17. this hooked me to suspense. great story Jai

  18. Wonderfully interwoven. And the last bit caught me off guard. Nicely written 🙂

  19. A short post that is as much a thriller as any complete novel.

    Arvind Passey

    @Blogchatter #RealFiction #ArvindPassey

  20. What a lovely read! Love your storytelling skills!

  21. The picture looks fab. The narration is amazing and super thrilling. Lovely read

    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  22. Love this story! Well Drafted

  23. Oh my god, Jai! What have you done! I was all smiling and lovey-dovey about their story and you just end it with a killer twist! Lovely and enjoyed it! It is true that when a story gets too good, there will definitely be a twist!

  24. The twist in the tale at the end is magically weaved, you have taken the reader on altogether different route until the end and the reader landed in a big cloud of surprise. Every reader love that surprise even if it is not a happy ending.

  25. Jai

    Please read till the end and comment or do not comment.

  26. good lord! You caught me off guard. That was just not the ending I was hoping for!! But a good read 🙂

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