The Bloodsucker!

The Bloodsucker!

She held me in an iron grip holding my wrists down. I stared at her red lips trying to scream. My vocal cords were transfixed and no sound would come out. My terror-stricken mind could vaguely recognize her face. 

She bent down and buried her face on my neck. She bit my jugular and started sucking out blood. Suddenly I woke up with a scream. I  got out of my bed in shock and felt my neck gingerly. I could feel the smooth skin and sighed with relief. Just a dream! 

I walked out into the garden full of glorious flowers. Suddenly my attention was caught by the scarecrow standing at the center. I looked at the scarecrow’s face and realized it was her face that had appeared in my dream. I walked up to her. I looked her in the eye and said, ‘You witch! So you want to drink blood?’

Suddenly her glistening red lips caught my attention. Instinctively I reached out and ran my finger along her lips. I pulled back sharply as a red liquid stuck to my finger. I sniffed at my finger. With a start of terror, I realized it was blood! My blood?  

Author’s Note: This short story is written in response to the photo prompt provided by Anurag Bakshi for Susan’s Sunday Photo Fiction. Find the other entries here.

Author’s Note: I am participating in the #SuperBloggerAcademy linky party by Healthwealthbridge Dr. Amrita and allaboutthewoman Dr. Bushra

8 Thoughts to “The Bloodsucker!”

  1. Nice story. Mix of innocence, curiosity and fear.

  2. Wow! Surely caught my attention!

  3. Eerie and engaging! Good one Jai.

  4. So glad there is not a scarecrow in my yard. I would never sleep. Creepy story Jai.

  5. Lovely take on the photo prompt!!

  6. scary, fictitous and gripping!! what a marvel!

  7. Haha love the title of the post Jai – though it was a little spoilery.

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