Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – The Ever-forgiving wife

Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – The Ever-forgiving wife
Jean watched his ex-girlfriend Irene berating her boyfriend Joseph from his boat. He couldn’t hear her from this distance but he pitied Joseph.  He remembered being in Joseph’s shoes often. Initially, he couldn’t figure out how to get rid of Irene. He was a married man. But Irene had been terrified when he had mooted the plan to kill his wife Anne. She had immediately cut off from him in horror. What Irene hadn’t known was that it was Anne who came up with this scheme to get rid of her when Jean had confessed his secret affair to her. 

Author’s Note: Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s prompt is from Fatima Fakier Deria. Please find other entries here.

16 Thoughts to “Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – The Ever-forgiving wife”

  1. Dear Jai,

    It sounds like Jean's lucky to make it out of this one alive.



  2. Anne is not to be trifled with

  3. I learned a new use for the word "moot." Never saw it used as a verb before, so I looked it up, and thanks for adding it to my vocabulary 🙂 Great story, too.

  4. Some people lead such complicated lives! Nice one Jai

  5. What a convoluted plot! What a cunning woman Anne is! Nicely done, Sitharaam

  6. I like Anne…. despite Jean's obvious transgression (or thought of one…)

  7. A lot of story in a few words. Well done.

  8. This is a very cleverly written story Jai. I found it very interesting and well put together.

  9. When there's more than one considering murder things can get complicated and very dangerous

  10. Nice twist. Often the suspects are the ones who we perceive as victim.


  11. Interesting story and that the wife would give input and not just let him take care of the mess he created.

  12. Annie is a smart woman!

  13. Wow ! What a clever, convoluted plot ! Very well written.

  14. Anne is not one to mess with. I wonder how Jean is doing now? Is he on some kind of probation? Unexpected twist, well done.

  15. 😀 Interesting twist.
    That IS very forgiving. 🙂

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