The Elephant’s Tail – Sunday Photo Fiction

The Elephant’s Tail – Sunday Photo Fiction
Toby crept along the corridor of the Alberto Museum. The museum was lit with a dim glow as it was night time.  He had to find the note from Knowles telling him where the jewels were hidden. The Knowles gang had stolen 300,000 dollars worth of jewellery. All members of the gang except Toby had been arrested. But just before his arrest Knowles had conveyed to Toby that he had left a message in the Museum revealing the hiding place of the jewels. 
Toby entered the main hall. Suddenly he came across something huge. He saw it was the back of a massive elephant. Just by its side facing him was a baby. Toby moved towards the baby and gently put his hand up its trunk. Ah! He could feel something. His fingers pulled out a piece of paper. Toby unfolded it and read. Yes, this was it. 
Toby was just about to leave when he was overcome with an irresistible urge to do something very mischievous. Unable to resist he walked up to the tail of the big elephant and gleefully pulled it hard. He stood petrified as the alarm sirens blared loudly and the museum lit up brightly.
Photo Prompt: C. E. Ayr 

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