Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – I Hesitate

Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – I Hesitate
I stood looking down from the top of the terrace of Hamilton Towers into the dark depths below. I asked myself, “Was it worth it?” I shrugged. I had to act before my courage failed me. I looked around. The lights from the towers of the buildings nearby hit my eye. 
I averted my eyes and looked down again. No, the darkness was preferable. Kathy would like it that way. She loved darkness. With a sigh I shoved the sack with Kathy’s unconscious body into the empty space, rang Sophie and said, “She’s gone Sophie, We can marry now.”
Author’s Note : Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s prompt is from Jill Wisoff. Please find other entries here

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction, Friday Fictioneers – I Hesitate”

  1. Well, they will be permanent fixtures in my tales. Two people in my mind. No connection to anyone living but very much there in my imagination.

  2. Were I Sophie, I wouldn't want him any more… Who knows if he chooses someone else and does to her what he did to Kathy?

    Welcome to FF!

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