To My Darling Wife With Love

To My Darling Wife With Love

Oh my sweet, I still remember that wonderful day,
I set eyes on your lovely face for the first time in my life,
I took one look at you and knew not what to say,
but one thing I knew was I wanted you to be my wife.

In the middle of that noisy and crowded railway station,
when I got down from a humble second class compartment,
I was not aware of the noisy crowd busily running around,
I had eyes only for your lovely face which made my heart pound.

In the thunderous banks of the Siruvani waterfalls,
I proposed to you with my heart going pit-a-pat,
hoping against hope that you would light the lamp,
of my life by accepting me as your soulmate.

I looked at your face trying to read your mind,
after I had hesitantly ventured to ask for your hand,
I still do not know what you saw in me,
but you said yes without batting an eye-lid.

I was not what people would call a good catch,
my salary was pathetic and nothing but peanuts,
I did not have a substantial bank balance,
nor did I have the looks of an Adonis from heaven.

You planned a dinner for me in a five star hotel,
knowing that I could not afford such luxury,
pathetic fool that I was, I did not realize,
you had told everyone, that it was I who had taken you to dinner.

Your family and friends advised you against marrying me,
you stood firm like a rock, defying the world for me,
thank you my darling, for being so staunch,
in your love for me though you knew I had many problems.

I brought you, a new, lovely and pretty bride,
to a house that looked like it had been hit by a hurricane,
with just a television set and cobwebs on the walls,
with dirty clothes hanging from ropes stretching from wall to wall.

I remember the first thing you did after coming home,
was to wash my dirty clothes in the bathroom with bare hands,
for I did not even have the monetary affluence,
to buy you a decent washing machine.

Even now after all these years with you,
I do not understand why you tolerate me,
put up with all my temper tantrums,
and still hold me dear to your heart.

You brought love and life to my lonely soul,
which had been withering away in hopelessness for years,
moving from misery in one form to another,
thank you darling, for giving me a life.

Today we have been married for more than a decade,
we have a lovely daughter who is a gift to us from god,
my love for you is like a red and beautiful rose,
that cannot wither away with the passage of time.

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