My First Effort At Photography

My First Effort At Photography

I have never tried my hand at photography. But today morning I was standing in the balcony of the 8th floor apartment where I live and was watching the work going on at the construction site of the new building which is coming up just behind my apartment. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be interesting to capture the the workers toiling hard early in the morning. I don’t own a fancy camera. All the photographs pasted below and the video were shot using a cheap Galaxy On8 mobile phone camera. So forgive me if the images are a bit shoddy. Comments are welcome. 

Starting Work
Video Of Construction Site
Carrying Iron Rods To Be Segregated In One Place
A Rest After Some Hard Labor
This is my first effort at photography and videography and I think this would be the last. Your comments and advise on this first effort of mine are welcome. I would like to know if these are tolerable.
PS : It just occurred to me half an hour after publishing this post that today is Sunday and while I am happily lazing around and enjoying myself these people are toiling for a pittance. No Sunday holidays for them. But that is a topic for another post.

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  1. I've no knowledge of photography, but for the first attempt these look like good pictures. I think it would be interesting to map the progress of the construction as it comes up…..

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