A Tribute To A Budding Cricketer And Mathematician

A Tribute To A Budding Cricketer And Mathematician
He is a sweet and cute little boy,
who wields the cricket bat like a toy,
when he bowls his short pitched beamers,
the batsman has to duck to avoid coming a creamer.
He has any number of bowling tricks up his sleeve,
it is magic with the cricket ball that he weaves,
the ball turns sharply from a good length,
leaving the batsman completely out of his wavelength.
He is also a budding mathematician,
fast with numbers and quick at geometry,
he is just eleven and in the sixth grade,
one day he will be a wizard at Trigonometry.
Can you tell me who this little genius is?
He speaks English with a British accent,
his baby Tamil is so sweet and magnificent,
his name is Siddharth and he is my sister’s son.
He calls me, his uncle, by the name mamaji,
he loves to sit on his grandpa’s lap all day and play,
he is the darling of the family and the apple of everyone’s eye,
all of us simply dote on him and he is one great guy.
Sometimes he gets angry and cries his heart out,
when he is hurt or sad, oh ! he is so sensitive,
but when he recovers his mood and gives you a happy smile,
it feels as if a rainbow has lit up the sky.
May you live long, oh, my so handsome nephew,
become a great cricketer or a mathematician one day,
you have all our blessings and good wishes on your side,
I am betting that one day you will scale the heights !

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