(L)oveleen The (L)ovely Gypsy

(L)oveleen The Lovely Gypsy

Varun introduced Kalyani to Dr Peter and informed him that she will be in attendance for Anandi for a few days. After that, Varun packed all his luggage and vacated his room at the hospital which was then allocated to Kalyani. Varun and Gayatri exited the hospital through the back gate to escape the reporters. Varun booked himself a room in the same hotel where Gayatri was staying. His room was adjacent to Gayatri’s.

Varun took a shower. He relaxed as the warm water poured on him. After twenty minutes he towelled himself and looked at his reflection in the full-length mirror installed in the bathroom. He was tall, broad shouldered and rugged. Earlier on, he had thought he would act and had auditioned for several roles but he was told that his expression was too wooden.

Anandi had often suggested she would recommend him to some of her directors, but he would have none of it. To the surprise of many of his acquaintances Varun was a proud and independent man who loved his job. The thrill of jumping out of a burning car or diving from a twenty-foot-high bridge into deep waters was something he relished.

He got dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans. He walked over to Gayatri’s room where she was all dressed up and waiting for him. She opened the door and smiled sweetly at him. He immediately relaxed. She said briskly, ‘Come in and let us discuss your plan.’

‘Well, I have been thinking about this business and I am sure the monkey jumping at Anandi and hurting her is not where it all begins. I have not told you this yet, but Anandi’s behaviour and general demeanour had started changing almost two or three months back. The monkey’s attack was something that happened only four days back.

‘In what way did her behaviour change?’

‘For one thing she had become very short tempered. And for another… I feel embarrassed telling you this… Her sexual appetite had also grown phenomenally… I know what that sounds like, but it is the truth.’

‘Anandi? Short tempered? That does not sound like her. And as far the other thing you have mentioned, I don’t know what to say…’

‘Anandi was always a sweet unassuming girl… I was terribly surprised when I had to face her temper tantrums…’

‘All right, those are the symptoms. You said you had a plan. What exactly are you planning to do?’

‘First thing I want to do is to talk to that woman with the swollen leg… I mean the woman who loiters around the gates of the hospital sometimes.’

‘Do you have any idea where she lives?’

‘Someone or the other is bound to know. Let us ask the security guards.’

Gayatri looked at her watch. She said, ‘It is 4.30. Do you think we can go now?’

Varun smiled at her. ‘Come on. Let us make a move.’

The two of them made their way to the hospital. The number of reporters had grown voluminous by now. Varun tried to brush them aside with a brusque ‘No comments’, but they would have none of it. Varun finally had to address them. He said, ‘Gentlemen, my wife Anandi is slowly getting better. Because of a few complications, her wounds are taking some time to heal. She should be fine within a week or two.’

Saying this Varun and Gayatri made their way into the hospital.

They went to Anandi’s room first. Kalyani was sitting by her side. Varun sat on one of the vacant chairs. He had difficulty in controlling his angst when he looked at Anandi. Her arms had grown hairy in addition to having pustules all over. Her face was still partially bandaged. He bent close to her face and said, ‘How are you, sweat heart?’

Anandi said in a whisper, ‘Give me euthanasia, Varun. I don’t want to live anymore.’

Varun gently patted her shoulder and said, ‘I don’t want to live a life without you. We will fight this together. You stood up against the whole world to marry me. It is my turn to fight for you now. I am going on a journey. I don’t want to tell you where I am going or what I am going to do. But do believe me when I say you will be fine. I intend to find out the truth behind what has happened to you.’

They spent five more minutes with Anandi and then exited her room. They went towards the gates of the hospital. Varun beckoned to one of the security guards. The man came over and said, ‘Yes sir, how can I help you?’

‘Do you know the name of that woman who suffers from Elephantiasis and keeps loitering around the hospital gates?’

‘Oh, that woman! She calls herself Loveleen the lovely gypsy. Sometimes she even says she is a Shaman.’

‘Can you take me to her house? I want to meet her.’

‘Sure sir, she lives in a hut in the slums a furlong away. I will take you there tomorrow morning. I am on duty here till 6 today.’

Varun looked at his watch. It was 5.15. He said, ‘Can you take me to her hut today? I am in a hurry to meet her. I will make it worth your while.’

The guard said, ‘Okay sir, but you will have to wait till 6.’

‘That is okay. We will meet you at 6 and you can take us there.’

Varun and Gayatri went back and waited in the lounge.

                                                                                             To Be Continued...

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