Love In Wartime

Love In Wartime

Dedicated to all the Russians and Ukrainians married to each other.

As the guns boomed,
and the tanks rolled by,
a young woman,
peeped out of her window.

She knew,
that somewhere in that thunderous melee,
full of thick black smoke,
her beloved was defending his motherland.

All she wanted,
was peace and harmony,
and for her lover to come back,
and wrap her in his safe arms.

She did not know,
whose side she was on.
As the soul in her body,
came from the invader’s womb.

But the tiny life,
growing within her,
was a gift to her,
from a man whose soil was being invaded.

Oh! How she wished,
the invader and the invaded,
would shake hands,
and relieve her of this quandary.

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