Eye On You – Kanchana Banerjee – #BookReview

Eye On You – Kanchana Banerjee – #BookReview

Title: Eye On You
Author: Kanchana Banerjee
Genre: Crime Fiction
Format: Kindle
Price: Rs 200
Link For Purchase: Eye On You


You’re seen, tracked, and followed everywhere you go. Every line & picture you post; someone is watching. All that information in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster.
You have a smart door, a CCTV; everything is controlled via an app on your mobile phone. All they need to do is to hack into your phone. Anyone can get in, anyone can see you inside your home.
How safe are you inside your home?
Myra is a young, independent, single working woman living in Gurgaon. After a party in her home, she wakes up the following morning and discovers that she has been raped. But she was at home, surrounded by her friends.
Who could have done this to her? Was it one of her friends or a stranger?

My Take:

This book struck me as one that is very different from the normal whodunit. Since a long time the whodunit category of books have become synonymous with murder mysteries. In this book, the author has proved that it is possible to write an enthralling and fast paced whodunit without resorting to gory scenes of murder and mayhem.

The opening scene of this book is quite exciting. The story begins with a woman waking up in the morning and finding that she has been drugged and raped. The only thing the woman remembers is that she was in the middle of a party she was hosting the previous night and she does not have any memory of what really happened to her after that. The story is all about finding the guilty party. In short it is about finding out the who, how and why. With this premise the author has created a whodunit which is as good as any murder mystery.

The plot is excellent. The one thing that I would like to point out though is that the methodology of the crime is a bit far fetched. To commit the crime the criminal depends on a virus or malware which is as good as the Pegasus virus any day. I am a software professional and I found it difficult to believe this. Getting hold of a virus like that would be very difficult for a common man. But it is quite possible that I am outdated about my knowledge of viruses.

As the book moves forward it picks up pace and becomes quite unputdownable because of the increasing excitement. The book has been written very realistically. What happens to the protagonist is something, which, by a stretch of imagination could happen in real life too. The thing I liked most was that the characters in the book are not black and white. Everyone including the protagonist, have good and bad qualities or in other words, shades of grey.

The design of the book is linear meaning that events move forward with time at a rapid pace. We have been given a very realistic picture of the kind of police force we have in our country. The author has done her best to stick to reality as far as possible. As the book moved forward I tried to keep guessing who the culprit was and by the time I covered three-fourths of the book I could guess who it was and I turned out to be right. But I was unable to understand the how and why at that point. That was something which got revealed only by the time I reached the last chapter.

As far as the motive is concerned, it is a strong motive by any normal standards. But if you look at the amount of effort put in by the antagonist to achieve the goal it is not good enough. I expected a much stronger motive. I was disappointed in that sense. The characters are very colourful and get deeply etched in our minds.

I have read one of the earlier books by the author which was titled ‘A Forgotten Affair’ which she was kind enough to send me. I found that book also quite exciting and an extremely good read. This is the second book by the author that I am reading and I have come to trust the quality of her books by now. I know that any book written by her would be good. I intend to pick her other books too.


A big Yay! Go for it! This book is an entertaining and thrilling whodunit.


I am going with a 4/5 for Kanchana Banerjee’s ‘Eye On You’. I have cut off one point for the reasons I have mentioned above.

Rating Scale:

               1  Poor

               2  Fair

               3  Good

               4  Excellent

               5  Outstanding

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