Unloved In Love: The Story of Imperfect People by Rituparna Ghosh – Book Review

Unloved In Love: The Story of Imperfect People by Rituparna Ghosh – Book Review

Title: Unloved In Love: The Story of Imperfect People

Author: Rituparna Ghosh

Genre: Romance

No of Pages: 225

Price: Rs 250

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Is it possible to have it all—friends, family, work, a loved one and still feel unloved? Kiara Sen is certain that starting her own venture would redeem her in her mothers eyes. But, her desire for a perfect ‘fairy-tale’ is maybe stronger than she imagined. Kyle wolf has his entire life decided for him—take over the reins of his father company and continue the wolf legacy. But, there is something about Kiara that makes him want to break free. Karan shergill does not believe in relationships. He definitely doesn’t want to be caught dead in one-sided love. But however hard he tries to walk away, every path leads back to Kiara. As their lives entangle and spiral out of control, do they find the elusive love or stay unloved?

My Take

This is a pleasant and heart warming romantic tale which the youngsters of today would definitely find very entertaining and lap up eagerly. To tell the truth, even I found it refreshingly interesting with all its twists and turns and I am a 54 year old man who has left his youth way behind. The story involves a love triangle between a beautiful girl and two charming youths.

Well, I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but the book keeps you interested for most part. The romantic scenes are written with a very sensitive touch and they will definitely appeal to anyone who has a taste for this genre. One of the youths, the girl is in love with, is a rich English billionaire’s son who has joined the college in India as an exchange student from London. He simply does not have the courage to own up to his father about his love for the girl.

Sounds a bit surprising, doesn’t it? Most of us Indians are under the impression that it is only in India and other similar countries that children dare not disobey their parents and hesitate to tell parents that they want to get married to someone of their choice. We don’t expect such things in the west. I am not mentioning this as criticism. The author gives us a perfectly believable reason for this.

Another twist is the fact that the two youths who are in love with the girl are bosom pals. There are a number of tantalising twists, misunderstandings and drama as the author takes you towards the end of the story. 

There are several negatives in the book too. The tale is a shade too mushy for my liking. Another thing is in order to bring the story to an appropriate ending the author has stretched the story to breaking point towards the end. I got slightly put off because the book is 225 pages long which is 25 pages too long for this particular story. I can see that the author has stretched the story to get to an interesting end.  As I was nearing the end the image of a rubber band being stretched taut floated through my mind. But nevertheless, the way the story ends left a pleasant taste in my mouth. 

There is one more thing I would like to mention. I was supposed to write this review two months back but unfortunately I fell ill and had to travel to Chennai for treatment. I did not have a computer with me in Chennai. So I would like to apologise to the author Rituparna Ghosh and also Sona Grover of Blogchatter.

Conclusion: If you are interested in romantic novels you can definitely read this book. It would be a pleasant read especially for youngsters.

Rating: I am going with a 3.5/5 for Rituparna Ghosh’s ‘Unloved in love: The Story of Imperfect People’. I have cut off 1.5 points for the way in which the story is stretched to breaking point towards the end.

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