The Story Of The 84 YO Man Who Single-Handedly Ended His Village’s Water Woes – #WATWB

The Story Of The 84 YO Man Who Single Handedly Ended His Village’s Water Woes – #WATWB

Eighty-four-year-old Kaamegowda digs ponds. You might be surprised but digging ponds is this Octogenarian’s passion in life. He is a small-time shepherd and farmer from the Daasanadoddi village of Karnataka’s Mandya district. Thanks to this man’s single-handed efforts the hamlet has not faced any water problems for a long time.

He has earned praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts. Forty years ago Daasanadoddi which is located at the base of the Kudinibetta hills suffered from acute water scarcity. The amount of water received through rainfall was also very less.

Kaamegowda’s journey began due to personal reasons. His father-in-law started this journey. When he was grazing his sheep he noticed that there was no watering hole for the animals and birds. They suffered severely due to the scorching heat and he started digging a pond for them.

Kaamegowda continued in his father-in-law’s shoes and has dug as many as 16 ponds around his village thereby restoring his village’s greenery. He emptied all his savings into procuring equipment for the digging. His own relatives laughed at him and severed ties with him in embarrassment. Some people even tried to stop him telling him he was digging in government land and it was illegal.

But Kaamegowda remained unfazed and continued his journey. Read the rest of Kaamegowda’s story here.


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