Who Killed Nina Daruwalla? – Ajit Yadav – Book Review

Who Killed Nina Daruwalla? – Ajit Yadav – Book Review

Title: Who Killed Nina Daruwalla?

Author: Ajit Yadav

No of pages: 50

Format: PDF

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Ambitious, a successful entrepreneur, and a divorcee — Nina Daruwalla is all this and more.
Her ex-husband abhors her, her lover is mad about her, a reporter wants a scoop from her, and her cousin again needs her help.

She ends up dead, her throat slit open. Now, Inspector Yaqoob Ansari and his team need to unmask the killer.

The question is – Who Killed Nina Daruwalla?

My Take:


This is a typical whodunit written in just fifty pages. I have some experience in writing whodunits myself and have written two. The one important thing about writing whodunits is to build sufficient levels of suspense. That usually requires a large number of pages. The thing I appreciate about this book is that the author Ajit Yadav has managed to build plenty of suspense and keep us guessing about things over just a short length of fifty pages. A number of people with motives for the crime and opportunity are introduced. Within fifty pages Ajit manages to sustain our interest and keep us guessing about who could be the killer.

I tried to guess the killer as I read the book and on the final page, I found I was totally wrong in my premise. It really takes a lot of talent to write a suspense thriller of such a short length and still manage to maintain the suspense and thrill for the reader. Ajit is a very talented writer and I hope he writes more such thrillers. The plot is very imaginative and Ajit’s book really holds the reader in its grip right up to the last page. The book employs layered suspense instead of being linear. This keeps us wondering all the time about the identity of the killer. A fantastic book.


One thing I felt was that the author could have made the book slightly lengthier and consequently more interesting. I know this sounds like I am contradicting myself. But in all sincerity, I am just saying that though the book is really excellent in its present form, it could have been better if the author had taken the trouble to make the plot a bit more elaborate and written the book over a larger length. I am just mentioning this as a suggestion as the plot holds a lot of potential.


A big yay! This book is a very good short read that entertains thoroughly. I recommend this book for all those people who love short whodunits.


I am going with a 4/5 for Ajit Yadav’s ‘Who Killed Nina Daruwala?’ It is a great book. Do read it.

Rating Scale:

                      1  Poor

                      2  Fair

                      3  Good

                      4  Excellent

                      5  Outstanding

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