The Halo In The Cave

The Halo In The Cave
Opening my eyes, I was in a world less familiar yet more beautiful and soothing than anything I had ever experienced…To breathe felt like living a new life! I looked at the fairies and elves dancing around me. They sang a melodious song in a mellifluous tune. It sounded so soothing to my taut nerves. I felt like a little child listening to a mother’s sweet lullaby. And I could taste honey in my mouth. So sweet on my tongue. I relaxed completely.  
I look around and sniff. I can smell the sweet-scented air as I move on this beautiful and wonderful fairytale land that I suddenly find myself in. The dancing fairies were dressed in pink gowns. The air was cool and I enjoyed its soft touch as it caressed my skin, oh, ever so lovingly. I loved the floating sensation I was engulfed in. I looked at the beautiful and multi-coloured flowers blooming everywhere. There were roses, jasmines, sunflowers and chrysanthemums all over the place. 
The flowers were swaying gently in the cool air as if they were trying to keep in step with the dancing fairies. I see a beautiful little stream full of blue coloured water nearby. Suddenly I realize I am thirsty. I walk over to the stream and scoop a handful of the water and pour it into my mouth. How heavenly the water tasted. It seemed to have the flavour of many fruits mixed together. At a distance, I see a cave. And the opening of the cave beckons me.
There is a path leading to the cave. I walk along the path and stand at the entrance of the cave. I peep into the cave. Hey, what is that I see? At a distance, deep inside the cave, there is a halo of shining white light. I step inside the cave and start walking towards the halo. The fairies and elves no longer accompany me. 
I walk quickly. I really do need to reach that halo. But what is happening? As I walk towards the halo, it seems to be moving further away. Suddenly I see iron nails sticking out of the walls of the cave. As I step forward trying to make my way past the nails, they suddenly extend themselves and poke me all over the body. A sharp pain shoots through my body.
Suddenly I wake up screaming. I find myself in a bed. I can see a stand by my side with a bottle of saline attached to it. A tube extends itself from the bottle and is connected to my wrist by a needle. I am being held down by the nurses. There is medical equipment all around the room. Soon a pleasant-faced lady in a doctor’s overcoat and a stethoscope hanging around her neck walks into the room. 
She looks at me, smiles pleasantly and says, ‘Thank God we got you back. It was touch and go. Now rest for some time.’ After two hours my parents were inside the room. My father and mother were in tears. I hear them talk in whispers with the doctors. Finally, my parents walk over to me and my mother gently pats my cheek. 
‘Mom, will you sing me a lullaby?’ I ask her with tears in my eyes. She sings for me. Can any high I can ever get by using Ecstasy be better than this sonorous lullaby sung by my loving mother? I shake my head in disgust at myself. I was mad at myself for taking to drugs in the first place. 
I look at my mom and open my mouth. She bends down gently and raises my head and places it on her lap. I tell her, ‘Mom, send me into rehab. I promise I will never touch the stuff again.’ She nods and smiles down at me. I drift off into sleep like a six-month-old baby.

Author’s Note: Written for the prompt given by Shivangi Dua. Read more here about Finish the story collaboration.

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